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Now, for this week's installment of our a 2 z 4 u & me meme,
the letter S.
S is for

Still September.

One of my favorite things about September is the hummingbird feeding frenzy we usually have as the hummers head south for the winter. One year the hummers were so thick around the feeders on the front porch that we switched to using the back door.

We've spent hours watching these amazing little birds.

One of the highlights of September for us is the State fair... which means stopping at the All Tyed Up tent to visit our friends, Tim and Chris. Let's just say that my tye-dye shirt collection continues to grow. ;-)

Another favorite of the fair is the horse barns. This year the girls were able to pet a foal its owner saw them admiring. Such a treat!

September also ushers in the season of hot dog roasts and bonfires--another family favorite. Once the rain stops we'll be out there. =)

So tell me, what are some of your favorite things of September?

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  1. What a fun filled September! Love the picture of Abby and Ether petting the foal.
    I love September's quiet whispers about the changing of the season. September mornings are glorious!

  2. I love September and the chill that starts cooling off our nights. But the best thing about September is volleyball season. It must be. It's all I do! LOL!

    Your pictures of the hummers are GORGEOUS!

  3. What a great month! I love getting back to the school routine in September, plus the beginning of the color change of the trees. Great post, sweets.

  4. Love the photos! The tie dye looks like fun!

  5. I like September because I can go back to a semi-normal routine. I love summertime, but the hodge-podge of activities is wearing. I like to know what I can expect to happen each day.

  6. Cooler weather, and changing leaves - those are my favorite things about September.

  7. Ah September, ACFW conferences, street fairs, turning leaves and wearing jeans.

  8. September is beautiful... fall colors in Colorado are gorgeous. But, it's always a scramble to get everything packed away and prepared for winter, since we usually have our first snow sometime in October.

  9. I love the weather getting cooler and leaves starting to change color. Love the pics!

  10. I love September, too--though sometimes it feels like the forgotten month--so I'm glad to hear others give it its due. I enjoyed all the pictures, btw, but that one of the hummingbird is spectacular!!!!

  11. That foal is adorable! Love it. Lucky Esther and Abby. LOL.

  12. Oh, those are great September things! We like to salmon fish in September. :-)


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