Fair Days

Have you seen my sister?
You need to check her out at Sea Level 320. Cheryl lives part-time on the coast of Puerto Rico and her bottles of shell and sea glass are beautiful--I know because she's shared some of her minis and glass with me. They hold places of honor on my shelf, right where I can see them when I'm thinking and procrastinating.  She's doing a giveaway you don't want to miss--scroll down to September first's post. You'll love your scrolling stroll. She's a photographer. *wink* It ends soon so don't delay!

Going to the state fair is one of my favorite things to do in the year. This last weekend we went to the DuQuoin State Fair and it was wonderful. Loved it! I blogged about the highlights of our evening at the fair at The Barn Door today. All my favorite fair things. Can you guess what they are? Here's a sneak peek that didn't fit at the Barn Door...

The girls and I took a side trip while the boys hit the Illinois Department of Natural Resources tent on the pond for some casting. We went to the horse barn and look what we got to see:

The horse barns are one of my favorite places to visit at the fair. I remember going through the animal barns with my mom, as a kid. It's a big part of the fair for me.

This man saw us admiring a foal in a stall and he brought her out for us. What a treat!!

He told us all about the foal and her mother and the girls were able to pat her. They were in love.

Oh! My news! My favorite writing blog, Seekerville, hosted a Read Me! Contest and I entered--but I almost didn't. Sure am glad I did! I was a finalist! Not only that, but I was invited to send a partial in to my target, Love Inspired. Let me just say, I'm thrilled. I spent a very busy couple of days and I'm happy to report that my partial (first three chapters and synopsis) is in the mail. =)

So tell me, what your favorite part of the fair?


  1. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Yay for State Fairs, and the foal
    (cute), and Yay for your partial!!


  2. The Los Angeles County Fair opened this weekend and I expect to go later this week. Never been to a state fair, but this one is huge!

    I love the commercial exhibits. Several years ago, I entered baked goods and that was a fun phase!

    I did not realize Cheryl is your sister! I loved those pics-(you know I love ocean!)I would like her give-away! :)

  3. I have wonderful memories of the fair. And my favorite was the animal.

    I even won a Grand Champion in the baby animal barn with my gerbils. After years of eating their young (literally) they had a litter that survived. And had another litter while there that met the same fate. *ewww* Still have that purple ribbon crumpled up somewhere...

    Congrats on your winning entry--glad you didn't give in to your fears. *roar*

  4. Yes, Cheryl is my older sister and the one who got me into blogging initially. I travel virtually through her blog. ;-) Her pictures are awesome--I go there to relax and decompress. =]

    DO enter her giveaway. A bottle of her finds is a wonderful piece of the ocean. I love my treasures from her. (and will be posting about them soon. *grin*)

  5. LOVE those bottles. Just entered over there (just once LOL). Talent clearly runs in the family.

  6. Thanks for highlighting my blog and the give away. I'm exited to draw the winner tomorrow night.

    I LOVE your picture of the girls with the foal! What a treat.

    My favorite part of a fair is the animal barns...and the food of course. Night time always seems magical at a fair, at least the old fashion ones that we went to as kids.

  7. Love this post. For a short time we lived in Sacramento and looooved going to the CA state fair. The quilt exhibit was amazing!

  8. I love your posts, Patty! Fairs bring such good, old-fashioned fun. And the foal is so precious. Congratulations on your writing news, too! That's very exciting! Blessings to you.

  9. Saw your name up there on Seekerville, Patty. WHOO HOO!!!!!! Your sister's pics are so rich with colour and story. And your daughter's are gorgeous (inside AND out - just look at those smiles).


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