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Now, for this week's installment of our a 2 z 4 u & me meme,
the (formidable) letter Q.

Okay, so the letter Q is one of those letters that I've been anxiously waiting for since we began this meme. See, in my family, there is NO competition over Q. No dithering, no pondering, no head banging. If asked, our Q would be unanimous.

But not just any Quilt. Grammy Quilts.
Not feeling well? Get his Grammy Quilt for him.
Over tired? Go get my Grammy Quilt, please?
Camping out, hospital stays, military life, moving out of a bedroom for a visitor... each thing requires grabbing the Quilt then going.

Camping with all 3 of his quilts!

My mom began Quilting in '87, right after I graduated from high school. She made me a Quilt for my college dorm room. Guess what colors she chose? Pink and purple. (Mom loves purple, too.) *grin* I still have that Quilt and don't plan on ever letting go of it. (Forget it, Abby and Esther, it's MINE!! hehe)

Over the years, Gram has made a Quilt for each baby as they've been added to the family (that's a lot of baby Quilts because now she's working on the great grands!) and for each one of us, and at last count that's 29. Not only that, but we all have more than one of her Quilts, and each one is treasured.

Thank you, Mom. 
YOU are the real treasure behind each of your Quilts.

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  1. They are beautiful, and full of such memories, too! My Grandma Wiley crocheted an afghan for each of her twenty grandchildren's 16th birthdays. She passed away before quite finishing the youngest grandchild's afghan so I had the honor of completing it. My Grandma Courtney makes stuffed animals and pillows and sweaters which are also cherished.

  2. Oh dear, Mr. Linky is missing. Hope he doesn't wonder too far tonight before you can corral him when you wake up.

  3. So VERY beautiful. What a blessing those quilts are - and grandma, of course. Lovely!

  4. My mom makes quilts, too!

  5. As a quilter this post brings a smile to my face. It makes me want to go upstairs and quilt.

  6. What a wonderful legacy!

    The photos are so nice and show the rich colors of the quilts.Very nice!

  7. What beautiful quilts and what a wonderful legacy that your mom is leaving her family.


  8. Lovely quilts! I had a great aunt who made quilts for all of her children and grandchildren, then branched out to nieces and nephews and *their* children. Even though I only saw Aunt Mildred a few times in my life, I got one of her lovely quilts when I graduated from high school. It was one of me special treasures in college and for many years beyond.

  9. Beautiful! I had no idea quilts were such a wonderful thing for you. ^_^ They're gorgeous!

  10. Quilts are a treasured possession. Awesome to have a mother that makes them for her kids and grand kids!

  11. I find I look forward to this meme every week! Thanks so much, Patty, for getting us started!

    And I prefer quilts over any other type of bedding! Had a mom-in-law who was just beginning to quilt when she passed away. Kept her first one as a treasure. A grandmom-in-law made sweet hubby and me a couple of quilts and one for my son, but my girls were left out in the cold - literally! LOL!

    I may have to take up the craft someday! They are true treasures!

  12. I LOVE QUILTS! Beautiful tribute to your mother's labor-of-love in crafting these wonderful quilts.

  13. Quilts, especially those old, worn ones, are THE BEST to sleep under. I'm in search of a quilt. Might have to learn to make one myself! : )

  14. This makes me think of my Grandma Yoder and the blankets I have that she pieced. That reminds me of cats, then, and the sugar wafers she always kept in a jar on the counter...

    See what your topic did? :)

  15. I love the quilt I got from my mother-in-law. I am always amazed by people who quilt. I don't think I would have the patience!

    {walker whimsy}

  16. Absolutely beautiful quilts, Patty! Your Mom is quite talented!

    My sister quilts, and I have done some myself, but not quite to the level that she has. :) I have a quilt made by my great-grandmother that I cherish.

  17. This post made me cry...Such memories. Mom's quilts are treasures the bring comfort and love wherever they travel. It delights me to see my grands using & loving their "great-grammy quilts" in the same way their parents and grandparents have used and loved them.

    All those quilts...all that love...blessed beyond belief.


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