Barns and Blessings

One of my favorite sites is Jewels of Encouragement. That group of ladies is truly special. And they PRAY! Yowza. Do they pray! I've been so blessed to be a part of them!

Today it's my joy to be posting at Jewels of Encouragement about something I learned from an old barn before it came down. I know those old barns have to come down sometime, but many of them last far longer because... hehe. Well, why don't you join me at Jewels of Encouragement and find out? ;-)

Last month our washer was coming to a grinding death, which in this family is life threatening. For me. I can do laundromats and have done them. But with the work my hubs and son do, I'd be in there every single day, not to mention the amount of quarters I'd go through. *shiver* So, we invested in a sweet new washer. And yes, it is sweet. It can handle the dirt and the volume we give it. I'm so very thankful for it. And even better? God's provided the work to fill the gap it created. Isn't that like God?! Now we're juggling sleep like hot potatoes. ;-)

There's also a couple really cool things that I'm dying to tell you, but I can't yet. Sunday for one and Thursday for the other. sigh. I'm gonna need duct tape. ;-)


  1. Tell me, Peej!!!!! I promise to keep your secrets. (:

  2. bounce bounce. Handing you the duct tape - after I used it ;)


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