Flying whats?

Today is elephant appreciation day.
Uh huh. I heard you say “So what?!”

Since you asked (hehe - see the line above, it has a question mark), I'll tell you.

An elephant has helped me on this writing journey I'm on.

Almost three years ago, still in my first year of blogging, I participated in WordFilled Wednesdays several times, and it's still one of my favorite memes. The very first time I joined in, Ellie the Elephant came to be in If an Elephant can fly. Lemme tell ya, I loved Ellie—she inspired me, but I was a little embarrassed by her. See, all the WFW I visited were very dignified pictures, and then there was mine. Whimsical. eh. Once I got over feeling like the oddball, I didn't worry about it. She was exactly what I needed. So much so that she became the theme for my year (2009) and lived at the top of my sidebar.

"Un Petit Voyage I" by S├ęgo

Many, many times I've thought of Ellie and her verse and it's helped me keep going.

If an elephant can fly, then I can do what God's called me to. I can write for Him. Can an elephant fly on its own? No! All the more reason for me to hold fast to God because it's by HIS strength and power that an elephant can fly and I can follow Him. Which ties in with this year's theme verse Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord of hosts. (Zechariah 4:6) That one's in the sidebar now and it's been crucial this year.

So tell me, what is it God's called you to do that you need His help to fly?

Oh yeah, and since it's Elephant Appreciation Day I'm guest posting at the Faithwriters blog. Why? Because when I told Joanne I really thought she should post on elephant appreciation day (since she's the one who learned about that juicy tidbit) she challenged me to come up with a tie-in to writing, and when I did, she invited me to post, instead of doing it herself. *eye roll* Somehow that's not what I had in mind. LoL. So, come join me there and see how else elephants tie in with writing. ;-)


  1. I have learned that I need His help in every single thing I do - from being a wife and mother to homeschooling, from cook to nurse, from housekeeping to caring for our animals AND from the idea of a book to publication.
    I can do all things in or with Christ, but I am nothing without him.

  2. I LOVE Ellie! And thanks, Peejers, for guesting for me ;). There are SO many things I need the Lord for. Leaning on Him CONSTANTLY. Great post!

  3. I lean on the LORD's strength every day, to get to the end of the work day and still have a smile on my face. When people comment on my good attitude and my constant smile in the middle of stress and mayhem, I tell them it's only because Jesus is with me. And that's the truth! I'd be a quivering mess by noon if He didn't uphold me.

  4. Ginger, you are so right! His strength for everything...and we are nothing without Him.

    JoDear, thanks for telling me it was Elephant Day (LoL) and inviting me to the Faithwriters blog. Fun! =]

    Cat--your smile is beautiful and precious. His peace in the midst of our mayhem. So good!!


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