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Because this is the introductory post and Heidi and I are both posting it, you'll have to go to Adding Zest to read Heidi's part, but here's mine as promised...

Hello there, you wonderful ladies! Patty here, and I'm excited about getting this going! God has been working and I'm amazed by what I see. What a great God we have! A couple months ago I was impressed with the need I saw amongst Christian women in the area of our physical relationships with our husbands. I have to admit—I pulled a Jonah and tried escaping the call I felt, but God didn't let go of me, and here I am. LoL. And I'm excited! God is so good!

Now, just so you know, I am NOT, sooooo not an authority on this subject!! I'm just a chick that's obeying God's call. My husband, Jim, and I have been married 20 years this summer and we have 5 homeschooled kids between 16 and almost 8.

While Heidi deals with more of the emotional and spiritual side of our sexuality, I'll be dealing with the practical, hands on stuff. I'll be relying heavily on your comments and input, so if there's questions you have, get them to us either through the comments or the email us button. I'll be covering many of the topics Heidi has listed above—starting with our attitude and thoughts, and loosening up so we can find more enjoyment in sex.

We'd really love to see this grow into a community of women connecting and encouraging and supporting each other. And having fun! Oh-my-goodness! I know there will be many laughs along the way. So please, join us! Join the conversations and join the fun. We'd love for you to tell your friends and please, grab a button!

Let's reclaim this ground that is so often used against us, and let's use it for God's glory!!

See you Wednesday!

Be sure to join us at Adding Zest to read what Heidi had to say!


  1. Hopping over to Adding Zest ...

  2. Oops. I think I just stumbled into the wrong room...

    (I won't hop over to Adding Zest, as I'm sure it's easier to have a candid conversation without us guys listening in...)


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