Happy Sunday!
This last week Lisa Lickel was here and she gave away two books. The winner of Healing Grace is Linda, and Joanne has won The Gold Standard. Congratulations, ladies! Coming up on Tuesday and Wednesday is Trish Perry and she has a copy of her new release for us, too.

Over at Adding Zest there's a silly poll that really does have a purpose--but we'll get to the purpose later on. Be sure to join us and to cast your votes!

And now, here's a thought for today...

There's an area we go through on our way to church that stinks. Always. Regardless of the temperature and weather conditions. It always smells of mildew.

What would make a pasture perpetually smell mildewy? There's an old stand of trees at the edge of the pasture and the remains of an old barn can be seen—just barely. The way the trees are arranged, there could have been a house in there too, years and years ago, but if there was, it's all rotted into the weeds. All that's left of the small farm is a pile of debris. Rotting, smelly debris.

It makes me stop and think about my life. Do I have areas that perpetually stink? If I do, I can tell you right where the stench comes from. Sin. Buried sin. Sin that I hoped would rot away into nothingness so it would be invisible. But sin doesn't do that. It stinks even as it hides.

I don't want that in my life! I don't want to have to smell it and I don't want people around me wondering what the yucky smell is. Not only that, but when my life is over I don't want a stench to linger after I'm gone. You know what I'm talking about—the kind of life that when people hear a person's name they think, 'Eeeeeew' or they're filled with bad memories.

I think I'll do some sniffing around in my life, looking for smelly sin that needs to be confessed and gotten rid of. But before I do that, I'm going to spend some time asking God for a sensitive wiffer so I can smell the sin better.


  1. I'm excited! So cool - looking forward to getting the book :D

    And what a great reminder. Sin DOES stink, doesn't it? Praying I can get rid of it!

  2. Sin stinks worst when we wallow in it! Answer's always the same - confess it, ask His forgiveness, ask His help in overcoming it - and keep moving forward, thankful for His awesome grace!
    Congrats to Joanne and the other winners!

  3. I certainly hope I dealt with all stinky sin this morning. We had communion and I really searched my heart. Whew. But you are right -- sin stinks!


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