Said the Toilet and the Tub

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I have to admit, I don't have a cleaning schedule for my bathroom anymore. I used to, but it's kind of fallen by the wayside. But that's not to say that my bathroom doesn't get cleaned because it does! *grin* It's just on an as-needed basis.

Tucked behind the toilet I've stashed a toilet brush and Comet, and when I see the pot needs cleaning, I just do 'er up right then. No muss, no fuss and no scuzzie toilet bowl. Well, as I was swishing away recently I overheard a conversation between the toilet and the tub. Really. Here's how it went:

(preening) See, I get cleaned when I need it. It's better than waiting for a scheduled cleaning day to arrive.

Tub: Humph. You're a toilet. Of course she cleans you more! You need it!

Toilet: Ha!

Toilet brush: You ought to handle sin the same way. Just deal with it on an as-needed basis so it doesn't build up and make your life scuzzie. Just scrub, swish and flush it right away as soon as you spot it.

Toilet: Yeah! That's how you do it! Hey, scrub a little harder in there and don't forget the top part.

Tub: Now wait just a minute there! There's nothing wrong with scheduled cleaning—for dirt and sin! It's the only way to make sure everything gets cleaned well, especially places that aren't in the main flow of things.

Toilet: Ooooooooh. Very good point.

Toilet brush: Did she skip her cleaning date with you again, Tub?

Tub: *sigh* Yeah, she did. I hope she notices the gray grungies soon. This is getting embarrassing.

Toilet brush: hehe. I'll remind her with a quick spray to the face. Maybe that'll make her see things better...

LoL—Patty here again. Aren't you glad you don't hear things talking inside your head? I giggled as I scrubbed...and remembered my neglected tub. There's a lot to be said for scheduled cleaning—and scheduled time spent alone with God searching, cleaning and confessing things.

I'm going to go grab my cleaning bucket and doing some praying while I'm scrubbing that poor tub. What's your tub saying to you?


  1. so you hear voices too?


    thanks for this reminder to keep our lives clean


    got to go check my toilet and tub


  2. When I think of hearing voices, I don't think of writing. This is the kind they lock you up for if you become a danger to society. Seriously, though, I think it's way cool how thought/voices come to you that way. I'm way too practical minded and nothing like that stirs in my head. Glad they do for you, as we get to read it!!!

  3. LoL Carmen! I watch for people in white coats, fearing they'll finally catch up to me someday. *grin* And if they ever do, I won't get lonely cuz the voices will only just go with me! LoL

    It gets really noisy inside my head and sometimes the characters in there are downright annoying and pestersome! But I think if they were to be quiet, I'd panic and wander around looking for them.

    I'm glad my loopiness doesn't scare you off!

  4. LOVED this, Peejers. Yes - my tub needs it, and schedules are HOW I LIVE (for both!). Good stuff.


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