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Today is my day to post At the Well, and this month I got to post on marriage. Now, normally I've written on the home, but God, in His great wisdom and attention to details, had Chelsey assign me to the 'To have and to hold' department. I'm telling you, it was a God thing! I was still pulling a Jonah and running from His call to me about starting an Adding Zest series (never mind about a whole Adding Zest site!!) and as I wrote Trusting Enough? I kept feeling God's knock and thinking about how much I was enjoying writing about marriage.

Our God is incredible!

I'd love to have you join me At the Well where I share a trick I learned from Balaam's donkey--one that saved my marriage a lot of grief. :-)


  1. Love it...went to the link and read and then wrote my own post and linked it.

  2. great post! i loved what you wrote at the well!

  3. Good timing! Today's my 26th anniversary!


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