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Why is it that all men get the same silly grin when the topic of sex comes up? Really! I wanna know! Maybe it's because they aren't embarrassed to admit they like sex! Oh, I heard that, girls! Truly I did! I heard a collective gasp when you read that!

But they do! And you know it!

Now, before you hyperventilate or die laughing on me, stop and think about things. God gave us each a very special man. He (that's the capital H He there!) gave us our man. God is good, and He gives good gifts, and our husbands are no exception to that rule!

And have you ever counted the times the Bible talks about sex? Lemme tell you, there was a lot of begatting going on! And let's not forget Solomon! That man collected wives like our men collected rocks when they were young!

Awhile ago I was clobbered with the overwhelming need I saw among Christian women in regard to the physical aspects of our marriages. What's right? What's wrong? What's going too far? And would somebody pleeeeeze talk about this?!

Well guess what? We're gonna! Yes, we're going to talk about sex. About loving our husbands and letting him really feel our love in a way he understands emotionally, and about meeting his physical needs. Joyfully meeting his physical needs, not just putting up with or enduring this special bond God has given married couples.

When God was creating this world, at the end of each day when He was looking at His creation, we read that He saw that it was good--until the sixth day. When God created man and woman and looked back on that day, then He saw that it was very good. (Emphasis mine.) So tell me, when you look in the mirror and see you and your husband, do you see something very good? What do you think your husband sees? (And I'm not talking about stretch marks and cottage cheese thighs.) Does he see a woman who loves him? Does he see his woman loving him or just putting up with him?

Loving our husbands as they need us to, in a way they understand it best, is a gift we can give them. And the cool thing is that when we give them that gift (remember, a true gift is freely and joyfully given) our whole family benefits from it. Even those little ones who have no idea what's going on, and those teens that catch us kissing in the kitchen and act like they're gagging. Let 'em gag! Inside they'll be happy to see their parents love each other.

Which gifts do you appreciate the most? Not necessarily the most expensive ones, or the prettiest ones, but definitely the ones that come from the heart. The ones that have had some thought put into them and that are given freely and joyfully. Remember the times you were given something with a grudging attitude—“Well, here. Just take it. It's for you.” It really took all the joy out of the gift, didn't it? Or how about a time when you were given something but you could tell the giver really expected to be paid or given something in return. Oh, now that makes me think of receiving a gift and being pleased with it, only to discover it wasn't just a gift—it was 'sweetening up' for the request. Hmmmm. Some people would think of that as a bribe. Those aren't gifts—not really.

A gift is given freely and joyfully, without thought of reciprocation. It's given just because. It's given as an expression of love or appreciation.

And when it comes to sex, our husbands love gifts. Gifts freely and joyfully given. They want us. They want our hearts and minds involved in making love, not just our body going through the motions.

Loving our husbands, as God intended us to, is a gift we give them that keeps on giving. It's a gift that echoes throughout our homes.

So tell me,
What are some things that keep us from feeling generous with our gift giving?

What are some benefits to giving freely and joyfully?

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  1. What are some things that keep us from feeling generous with our gift giving? Our own baggage from childhood.

    What are some benefits to giving freely and joyfully? Pleasure for both, greater intimacy, freedom.

  2. Way to step out, Patty! After the kids are gone, you'll discover even more ways to enjoy the gift, I promise.
    Ways that keep us from being generout: having the flu and schedules...
    Benefits? I agree with Carmen-that sense of intimacy.


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