Hearing Range

This week Janet Dean has been with us here at Patterings and she was giving away her new release, Courting the Doctor's Daughter, and Renee is the winner! Congratulations, Renee! And thank you, Janet!!!

Coming up this week is Adding Zest's Grand Opening! It might even be tomorrow. Might.

Also, Lisa Lickel will be in the author spotlight, and she's giving away not just one book, but TWO!! Be sure to join us!

And now...

Hearing Range

I just went out to call my son and as I stood at the edge of the deck I realized it was hopeless. He'd never hear me. He was inside the barn tinkering with the go-cart and it was running, causing a racket in there. Rather than calling him, and hollering for nothing, I simply came back inside. I'll call him later, when the noise stops.

I think God does the same thing with me. He may go to call me and see that I'm in a barn where it makes it harder for me to hear His call, but not impossible—He just has to yell louder. Other times He may find that not only am I in a barn, but that I also have lots of noise around me. I think those are the times He does something like I did. He waits until the noise stops.

Sometimes the noise goes on for too long and I miss what He was calling me for. Other times I turn off the noise in time to hear His call, but the best times of all is when I can easily hear Him. Sure, I can be in the yard or in the barn, but as long as my ear is always listening for Him I'll be able to be like young Samuel and run to Him and say, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.”

It's more than being within hearing range, it's listening for the call.


  1. Always a difference in hearing and listening--doers, not hearers only.

  2. Woohoo! Can't wait to read Courting the Doctor's Daughter! Thank you Patty and Janet! I'll email you my address!

  3. What a FABULOUS reminder! And looking forward to some Zest (sooon!!).


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