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Gathering At the Well

Today's At the Well topic is Getting to know you--so here's some silly and serious things about me...in case you were wondering. LoL

Some silly bits that are the real me:
PhotobucketI'm a girl that drinks black cherry kool-aid from a china tea cup because it tastes better that way.

PhotobucketI think best with my fingers—with pen and paper or a keyboard.

PhotobucketI hear voices in my head. Characters telling me their stories or reading out loud to me as if they were telling me what to write. They can be really pushy people!

PhotobucketI hate noise which makes it tough since I have five homeschooled kids (ages 16 down to 7), so my mp3 player is always close at hand and ready to go with Mozart and Vivaldi.

PhotobucketI hate swimming but love scuba diving because it's so quiet down there.

PhotobucketI could happily live on cookies and bread and black cherry kool-aid and never cook again in my life.

PhotobucketMy favorite meal to eat out is french fries and a chocolate shake, and if I'm really hungry, a hamburger.

PhotobucketI often wish for a magic broom that I could fly on.

Now, if you want something serious...
I fell in love with writing in the 2nd or 3rd grade when my teacher gave us a creative writing assignment. I felt as though I had been given a free ticket to the universe and from that point on stories have been part of my life—even through the years I tried pushing writing out of my life. Those were years full of babies and family demands when I couldn't justify spending time on something I couldn't see amounting to anything.

For fifteen years I tried to forget about writing. If it had been left up to me, I would have forgotten, but God wouldn't let go. He kept after me until I was absolutely miserable. Out of that misery was born a determination to obey God's leading, wherever that takes me. Most often my knees are knocking from fear but I'm holding tight to His hand. It was then I determined to learn all I could and leave the 'what to do with it' up to God. Since then He's astounded me time after time and has poured out blessings on me. And I'm still learning and holding tight to His hand.

My grade school days were spent on the coast of Maine, but I consider Ecuador, where my parents were missionaries for six years, to be my childhood home. The years spent in Ecuador were full of experiences that molded me into the person I am today. After graduating from the Alliance Academy in Quito, Ecuador, I attended Moody Bible Institute for two years, expanding on my strong Bible base. I left Moody with almost exactly what I went for: my Mrs. degree.

My husband, Jim, and I have been married 20 years this summer and we have five children that we homeschool. Life is full of family, writing and work. Holding everything together is my faith in God alone.

I was saved as a little girl of four or five, but because I couldn't remember the event, I prayed a second time, sometime before I turned 11. I needed a memory to hold on to and claim. I was near the blackberry brambles that were nestled in the bend of our driveway in Maine, and the blackberries were ripe. From that point on, I never doubted my salvation. In Ecuador, while in a boarding school for missionary kids, I grew tremendously as a Christian and made my faith my own. My parents weren't there on a daily basis to lean on, so I ran to God.

Today I delight in putting words on a page, knowing that my responsibility is to do my best and obey God. As I obey Him, He takes care of the 'what to do with' my writing. I'm actively involved with Faithwriters, an online writing community as well as in the Christian blogging community. I'm also a member of American Christian Fiction Writers.

Writing is a passion God has planted in me and I strive to use it for His glory and praise.

That's me. :) I'd love to hear about YOU!! Truly!
To meet more wonderful Christian ladies who are intent on following God, join us At the Well for links to their sites. We'd love to have you join us!!


  1. Love this Patty - you are beautiful inside and out! Thanks for sharing a bit about who you are and giving us a glimpse into the "real" Patty! :)

  2. I enjoyed your post! Ecuador and Moody Bible Institute?! Wowzer!

  3. Patty, I enjoyed your "Patterings". I love writing too. I dabble in poetry (on my granddaughter Abigail Kraft's site, @ Rear Window) and like to write my memories on Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane on my daughter's site. (Lynnette Kraft, @Dancing Barefoot)

    I haven't been blogging very long, but I enjoy it. Someone suggested that I should join Faith Writers,...but I didn't know much about it...perhaps you could share with me about it.

    I thought your blog was pretty, and I will be back to read more of your posts.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  4. it's nice to get to know you better Patty!

  5. I even learned a few things (wink) - and I LOVE the picture of you on your broom! Thanks, sweetie!

  6. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with us today!


  7. Glad to meet you Patty - thanks so much for sharing such beautiful patterings!!

  8. This was very fun to read! Thank you!

  9. It is so neat to learn all about you. My husband and I were just talking about how the noise level of kids can be hard to stand at times, so I chuckled to learn that we aren't the only parents that feel that way. Hee, hee!



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