Just Answer the Question!

Here's how it went today:

Me: Did you get yesterday's math done?

Darling Daughter: It was a test.

Me: Did. you. get. it. done?

Darling Daughter: Weeeellllll, no.

Me: grrrrrrrr. *muttering to self* Wish that girl would just answer my questions!

Birdie on my shoulder:
Didja get it?

Me: *humming* Can't hear you!

Just remember, you asked for this.

Me: Whaaa?


Me: Hey! What was that for?

Birdie: How many times do YOU try to get out of answering God cuz you know you didn't do what He wants you to? Or cuz you don't want to do what He wants you to? Hmmmmm?

*stopping to think* Okay, that one hurt.

Birdie: Well don't say I didn't warn you.

Me: *scowl*

Birdie: Oh, and you're welcome.

*pushing Birdie off shoulder* Sigh.
*picking Birdie up and dusting her off*

I'm sorry, Lord. Help me listen to You more and do what You want me to. I love You, Father and I really want to listen to You and obey.


  1. Don't you love those Whaps? (I get them too!)

  2. Ouch... I get a lot of those "whaps" too! Lord Help Me Too! x♥x♥

  3. Ha! Funny how we want our children to obey us according to what we have taught them but it's really them teaching us according to God's teachings!!!


  4. Ooooh boy - do I EVER know those whaps. Get outta my head, dearie!

  5. Oh ouch. Could feel that. lol. ^_^

  6. Being a homeschool mom too, I've asked that question a million times over the years!!! Can't ask it anymore without conviction smackin' me hard!!


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