The Best Advice Ever

Jesus' public ministry was kick-started by His mother. In John 2 we see Jesus at a wedding feast where the wine has run out, and Mary steps in. She gives us the best advice an older woman could ever give.

“Whatever He says to you, do it.” ~John 2:5

If we follow that advice we won't go wrong. It boils down to obedience. The servants obeyed and look at what they got to witness! They filled the jars with water and they brought some to the headwaiter, just as Jesus instructed them to do. And they got to see a miracle up close and personal. Those that serve God are blessed to see His miracles.

If they had not obeyed, if they had shirked their job, or found someone else to replace them, they would have missed out.

This is such good advice that I had to pass it on—it came from Pastor Mike at our deacon ordination service the other night. His charge to the men being ordained as deacons was that one verse—but it applies to each and every one of us!

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The beautiful picture of the pots (without the verse) by Harshad Sharma.


  1. You're right Patty, that is GREAT advice. :o)

    Happy WFW!

  2. THAT is a MESSAGE! I LOVE it Patty! I love it all...what a fabulous magnet that would make!!

    I'm leaving inspired!

  3. That's pretty basic isn't it? I wonder why we humans always have to add "usually" "if you can" if you feel like it" or even "I can't" to such a simple message?

  4. Amen and amen! I definitely agree with your title, my dear :) Now if it were only that easy to follow, eh? ;)

  5. How can something so simple be so hard to do sometimes?

    Oh's lack of faith, isn't it?

    I would love to see that as a magnet, too!

  6. Awesome advice! I love this Scripture paired with the picture you chose. Great job! Happy WFW!

  7. Oh sister, LOVE the Scripture and LOVE the picture to go with it! What a GREAT visual!

    And hey, here's one of my other favs that compliment this verse well:

    "Why do you call me 'Lord, Lord,' and not do what I tell you?" ~ Luke 6:46

    OUCH! I try to remember both of these together so I don't act so rebelliously.

    Love you sweet sister!

  8. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Clearly this is the best Bible verse ever! LOL! Don't I need to hear this?!

    Love the graphic choice, too.

  9. GREAT! This is an awesome explanation of obedience. Thanks Tracy!


  10. Great post! Love this choice of scripture and that photo is perfect! = )

  11. Wow. It still amazes me how just a few words, when they are Word, can mean so much. And the photo is gorgeous!! Thanks for this, Patty!

  12. Anonymous7:01 PM

    beautiful photo....and great verse...what a I am going to remember.

    Thanks for sharing this...I needed it :)


  13. Hi Patty,
    Super advice for EVERYONE!!
    I totally love that photo... it's awesome!

  14. That verse (passage) was part of the message at my daughter's wedding. It was perfect advice for their marriage (and for anyone!)

  15. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Oh how glorious those pots are...yet just a bit of clay in the Master's hand..what encouragement for us.

  16. You talkin to me? huh? Again? Wow!

  17. Great post. I love that verse.

  18. Powerful words! May we always heed them and have an obedient heart.

  19. I love the verse and the picture you selected for WWF. I can't believe I forgot it was WWF.


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