January's Blessings

Since February is a third over it's time for my blessings post—before any more time passes. But first, I need to back up to December. *blush* I forgot a blessing from December (not too surprising for me, but still!)

Traci of In the Potters Hand gave me some of her beautiful cards. I love them, and one of them has one of my favorite quotes on it and there's even dragonflies on the card, and in the summer I love watching the dragonflies. “Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...it's about dancing in the rain!” Thank you so much, Traci!

Then there's a couple blog awards given to me!
Sunny of A Damsel no longer in distress gave me. I love Sunny and I love visiting her—she always encourages me and makes me really stop and think. Thank you so much Sunny!

The rules of this award are:
Confess 5 things I'm addicted to.
Pass this award onto 5 other sisters.
SO, the five things I'm addicted to:
1. My Lord and Savior, Jesus! Without Him in my life, there would be nothing.
2. My husband. He loves me, supports and encourages me, and is the best husband I could ever have hoped for!
3. My kids. I really am addicted to them—even on the days I think about trading them in for puppies! LoL.
4. Writing.
5. The Jewels in my life. 'nuff said.

Now, the sisters I'm passing this on to—not in any particular order! (and if you've already received this one—LoL—here it is again.)
Heidi—girl, you manage to keep me in stitches and make me think at the same time. I never know what to expect when I visit you, and I love that. I'm praying for you!
Joanne—your wet noodle is very affective. Thank you for wielding it on me. But more than that is your heart for encouraging and nurturing those around you. You specialize in blessings.
Kristen—you have a God-given talent for turning a story into a lesson. I love your enthusiasm for life—you've been a blessing in many ways.
Vonnie—your heart for younger women is not only encouraging, but a gift to those of us who are younger.
Laurie Ann—God has blessed you with an ability to pull apart a Scripture verse and explain it in a very understandable way that sinks in and sticks with me. Visiting you blesses me and teaches me.

Lynda of On the Write Track gave me the "When Life Gives You Lemons, make Lemonade" Award . I love this one! Making lemonade out of the lemons is so much fun! If you love to read as much as I do, then you really, really need to go by Lynda's blog—she's giving away books this month!!
For this award, I'm passing it on the five of ladies that have made the best lemonade around. And I mean it. These ladies are spectacular and squeezing out lemonade and I love each of them dearly.

Dee of My Heart's DeeLight
Laura of LauraLee's Lifesong
Laury of In My Daddy's Arms
Sunny, my jewelly sister who I love greatly (and who has a private blog.)
Sunny of A Damsel No Longer in Distress
Beth of Laughing at the Days
Sara of Fiction Fusion

Two other blessings that have come into my life in February were the opportunities to become a part of two teams.

At the Well Blog Button

Each month I'm a blogger At the Well where I take part in 'Reflections on the home'. I have been tremendously blessed through this group of ladies! Make sure to join us At the Well—Chelsey has done a fabulous job putting things together!

Also, each week I'm blogging at Exemplify Magazine's Online Blog
This is another ministry that's blessed me time after time after time. These ladies are real, and there's great diversity. Make sure you check out Exemplify Magazine! It's wonderful!


  1. thank you, Peej! I'm blessed and honored by being chosen by you.


  2. I like that you publicly express your thanks for your blessings. It is encouraging.


  3. Thank you SOOOO much, dear Peejers. You're a dear.

  4. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Thank you SO much for the award and for the encouraging words. You ENCOURAGE me more than you know.

    <3, Kristen

  5. Wowzer, you are a busy girl!!!! Love this...I am addicted to jewels myself...hmmm.

    Anyway, thanks for the Lemonade award, and congrats on all your publishing successes. Love to see the Lord blessing a sister's ministry.

  6. Thank you, Peej! I love making lemonade out of lemons, but the secret is: God rolls up His big sleeves, stands along beside me, and hands me the sugar! Without Him, I'd be just a middle-aged sour ball. (And I appreciate that Vonnie also gave me this award...I was forgetful in picking it up, so now I will publicly thank both of you for this honor. It makes me smile to think you both thought of me.)


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