You Found Me!

Life is a journey, and so is this blog. My husband and I were talking, which is something we do quite often, and he finally told me to just make the change to this new address. Now. Before any more time passes. I listened to him, and here I am, praying I didn't miss anyone or lose anyone in the move.

If you hadn't noticed, I changed my blogspot address, so it's now my name, not a reclaiming of my nickname (I'm also known as 'Peej' to many of my friends). I know some of my friends have my linked or bookmarked—could you update those so we don't loose touch? My friends are special to me and I'm so glad you're one of them!

In today's constantly changing society it's easy to lose contact with people, and I shudder to think of all the people I've lost through the years. But you know what's comforting to me? God has never once lost me. In fact, He's kept me as the apple of His eye. And it's not just me—it's His children. I'm also safely engraved on His hands. Changes can come and go in my life, but God is my consistency. He never changes. His love endures forever.


  1. I found you! :-)
    You have done such a great job with your site! Love it...especially the "little birdy" above your info.
    Love you!

  2. I for one was really happy to see the Peej again but after 20-some years, I'll follow you anywhere!

    Hugs and memories of tiny avocados that got us in trouble in chemistry (or was it physical science?) class.

    Love ya!

  3. Aw, Feath! (((hugs)))
    Don't worry, I'm still Peej--I'm probably more Peej than Patty, but people just didn't get the 'impeej' part of the addy and Jim really thought it best to get it under my name. Lots of my close friends call me Peej--or Peejers. LoL. I'll always be Peej!!


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