An Addition is Coming Soon

No! No more babies—Lord willing. We're in the season of life when we're looking forward to adding to the number of cars in our yard, not kids.

I love watching the change of seasons, but this isn't really a change—this is just an addition to Patterings. I love writing, and I especially love writing fiction. Well, since Friday and fiction both start with the letter F, I decided to team them up, so I'll be doing Fiction Fridays here. It sounded like a fun idea as I drifted off to sleep after a day of wrestling with technology, and now, in the light of day when my brain is supposed to be working, I'm thinking about inviting some of my friends along for the fun, because we all know life is more fun when you have friends along for the ride.

For those that missed the address change: Please notice that the Patterings' address has changed--but it's only an address change, not a change in direction.


  1. Thanks for the invite to Fiction Fridays. Sadly, I have not written fiction in years, a decade even. But I'll be around and who knows, maybe I'll get inspired. :)

  2. I'm in, Peejers! You just have to tell me what to do and how to do it. I'll follow very nicely:)

  3. I didn't loose you! I'm in on the address change... : )
    Fiction Friday's is very intriguing. Details! I need details! lol.


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