Turtle Crossing

It's the time of year when the turtles come out and we often see them crossing the road. Just the other day there was a little box turtle three-quarters the way across the road and he was just sitting there, hiding in his shell. He was so close to safety, but he couldn't know that with his head pulled in like it was.

So many times I do the same thing--I get three-quarters the way through the hard time or problem and then pull into my shell in an attempt to forget what's going on or to protect myself from perceived danger, when actually all I'm doing is making myself sit in the situation longer, and leaving myself in a place where I'm likely to be run over.

If that little box turtle would just come out of his shell and get back to walking, he'd have a better chance of making it across the road safely than he does all pulled into his shell.

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  1. I love your picture and I didn't even have to beg you for it! LOL!

    You are so right, Peej. It seems like we give up right when a breakthrough is about to happen.

    I am so glad I have some friends who will kick me, turtle shell and all, across the road to safety. You want a swift kick over? I'll do it for myPeejers;)
    Love you, Sweetie!


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