The Master Decorator

How is it that some people can take a room, fill it with spare parts, old parts, new parts, odd parts and all kinds of other things and make it beautiful?!! I have never been able to understand it. I could take the same parts and pieces, arrange them, and have a...garage sale. It just doesn’t work for me.

I’ve studied Better Homes & Gardens for years, dreamed, schemed, plotted and planned, and my house still looks like a collection of yard sale and auction finds, which it is. What’s the missing link? If I hang a curtain like the masters do in BH&G, it’d look like a sheet hung with strips of rags instead of the cool curtains they ended up with. What am I doing wrong?

I just don’t have that magical touch of a decorating master’s hand. Some hands create beauty out of chaos, mine create more chaos out of chaos. How I wish I could create an environment that invited people to enter, relax and visit and unwind, but I struggle with keeping the living room presentable enough so my husband doesn't groan when he walks in the door at night!

But just because I don’t have a decorator’s touch in my home doesn’t mean I’m not touched by the Master Decorator. He’s willing to decorate my soul if I just give Him access to it. Am I willing for Him to dig through the attic of my life, looking for antique treasures I had tucked away and buried? What about those basement corners in my life? Just because I think something is junk and have it hidden in my basement, doesn’t mean He doesn’t want to pull it out, touch it up, and add it to my living room, that ‘public’ part of my life.

God, the Master Decorator, is able to pull all the parts and pieces of my life together, even the seemingly ugly parts, and create a place of comfort, a haven from life’s storms. But I need to give Him access to my hiding places. Am I willing to have Him pull out the ‘uglies’ hidden in my life and create beauty from those? Am I willing to invite people in to see how He has decorated my soul? It means exposure. It means allowing them to see the uglies. But those uglies, once touched by the Master’s hand, are not ugly any more, they’re worked into the whole and they create a picture and a place of His beauty. If I allow Him access and invite Him to decorate my soul.

Please, Lord, be the Master Decorator in my life and soul. I give You the keys to my attic, basement, closets, shed, and garage--every hiding place in my life. Take these parts, even the ugly ones, and touch them and arrange them to create a place of beauty in me--a place of refreshment and peace. Be the Master Decorator in me.


  1. Peej, I loved reading this about our Master Decorator. Awesome analogy, sister.

  2. Two comments:

    1. I am also interior decorator-challenged.
    2. I also find it difficult to give over the secret places. Even though they're no secret to HIm, He still wants us to willingly surrender it to Him.

    Great wisdom. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love your analogies. So full of insight.

    I can guarantee that your garage sale decor is much better looking than my bachelor pad decor. LOL. You are right though. God can take the innermost parts of us, even the parts that we think are ugly or flawed, and then turn them into something beautiful. I see where my struggles and hurts of the past have surfaced in a new way. Rather than surfacing with bitterness or hatred, God has cleaned them up and used them as witnessing tools to help comfort others going through the same struggles.

    I loved this, Patty. Thank you for sharing.


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