Weedy Deeds

Driving into town the other day I spotted some of the last bearded irises of the season. I never would've seen them if I hadn't known where to look because the weeds were all around them and as tall as the blossoms. What a shame to hide such pretty blooms! I thought as I whizzed past, my mind going back to the tension between me and my husband.

As much as I didn't like to hear it, let alone admit it, he had a valid point: I had been neglecting my responsibilities. While he had been pointing out my irresponsibility my mind had been busily refuting him. Yeah, well what about all the things I have done, and done well—so you didn't have to worry about it? What about all those things? You never seem to notice all that until I mess-up and then you notice the screw-up.

The little birdie that constantly whispers in my ear said, “Yeah, well this was a big screw-up and he's making a good point. You'd better listen-up.”

You know, sometimes I'd really like to muzzle that birdie. But it's good that I didn't because as I watched for the next place that has bearded irises growing in their yard, the birdie started talking to me again. She pointed out to me that sometimes the good things that I do are much like the bearded irises that were hiding in the weeds. I let so many weeds and bad things grow up in me and around me that it's hard to see the good and beautiful things.

I decided right then that it was time for me to start doing some weeding so that others, especially my wonderful husband, could see the good things in me.


  1. Peej -- I think all of us shirk duties to do what we love: write and spend time with our friends. Thanks for the reminder to put first things first. I need to weed, also.
    Love you, Peejers!

  2. Meaningful blog. So many married people need to hear this, as it's so easy to get busy being busy at what we enjoy being busy at...all the while neglecting those things that can wither away from lack of proper attention. Your vulnerability to share your personal situation will lead to others doing the same. I'm right beside you.

  3. While I am not married, I do know how it is to have my priorities out of whack. Thank you for being open and honest in this post. I think your message can help a lot of people, married or not.

  4. Ouch. Another convicting entry... and yet with an encouraging angle. Thanks for this!


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