Monkey Bath

Sometimes when we are at work with the monkeys someone will go by and make comments about them being dirty or having fleas and lice. (It makes me mad, but I keep my mouth shut. But really, if the monkey was like that, do they think I'd bring him out like that? Do they think the fair board will allow me to set up and work there? Really, sometimes people talk before they think. Other times I think they're in a hurry and don't want to stop so their kids can see a monkey up close.)

Rant over.

Sure, some monkeys are dirty. Some monkeys do smell. Some monkeys might even have fleas or lice. *shudder*

But NOT all monkeys! 
And certainly not mine!

Those of us who have monkeys and love them, take care of them, and that means they get baths.

Toby loves his bubble bath. Adores it!

A few days ago, author Karla Akins, who is also an animal lover (be sure to check out her well-loved pets!) sent me a link to this video and asked if my monkeys do this...

YES!! They do! I use baby shampoo for their bubble bath and on their fur like you see in the video and they scrub and scrub, using their hands, feet and tail. Sometimes though, I end up as wet as they do.

Monkey Monday at Patterings

Maybe another day I'll show you what happens when Toby decides to he doesn't want to take a bath...

And thank you, Karla for this great video clip! Squirt is adorable!!

So tell me, do your pets like their baths?


  1. Hehe - too fun! And the only pets in our house who like baths are the fish ;). YAAAAAYY for Monkey Monday!!

    1. LoL, Jo. Never thought about a fish taking a bath before...

  2. We co-habitate with Shih Tzu's and, occasionally, a flea or two may hitch a ride in their fur. Their unconditional affection and gratitude for a home more than make up for the maintenance and required watchful eye over indoor pets. Do they "enjoy" their baths? Not really. They tolerate them and only because the sink is too deep for them to escape :) I always love having Toby visit on fb and your blog. They make me smile.


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