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It's been raining here at my house for days and days. Even when I wasn't home it was raining. We've had everything from storms to drizzle. Constant drizzle to tornado warnings. 

Yesterday my daughter came out of her room and growled when she looked out the kitchen window. "See, this is why I hate winter! It's so dark and gray. It's awful." I know what she's talking about. Often the winter--the dark days become like a Beast in our lives, making it hard to see anything else. Thankfully, later that day God reminded me of something I need reminding of often...

My youngest son stepped outside for something and came running back in to tell me to come see.

Beauty had flooded the sky.

Often we're so focused on the Beast that we miss seeing the Beauty.

After snapping a few pictures (okay, lots of pictures), I turned around to go back to the house. This is what I saw...

More beauty, even if this picture doesn't show it well.

A double rainbow.

What a reminder that there's beauty all around us. Even on dark days full of storms and the constant dripping of drizzle.

Sometimes we just need to step to where we can see and then look around.

Beauty is there, if we'll just look.

So tell me, what's something beautiful you've seen lately?

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  1. Great pics! I love a nice rainy day now and then. So relaxing. Now that the days are shorter, it's still dark when I walk my dog in the mornings. On a clear day, the moon and stars are just gorgeous. Always makes me think of the verse in Psalms. "The heavens declare the glory of God." Thanks for sharing, Patty!

  2. I find beauty in my little girl's smile when she sees me first thing in the morning. Sappy? Yeah, but it gets me every time even after she wakes me up at 3 in the morning.

  3. Really special, Patty - I enjoyed this! Thanks!!

  4. LOVE this post. I see beauty in kids all the time. My favorite for today? The kids in my daughter's class had to write a short paragraph about someone in their life who was wise. All of them were hanging on a bulletin board outside the classroom today. The choices were special - mom, dad, grandma, the principal, teachers, and several others. But the most special one was a girl who picked the school janitor. How lovely is that??

  5. Really nice pictures! I took a few this morning when I was out
    walking. I wanted to capture the fall colors and the refections
    on the water. It was something to thank God for, as well as
    being able to see the beauty!

  6. The leaves here are especially vibrant right now. Thanks for reminding me to take pictures and appreciate them!

  7. I love your pictures! I just sat out on my lanai and enjoyed the sound of a breeze blowing through the trees.

  8. There's nothing like a rainy day, especially when you're coming out of a multi-year drought like we've had in Oklahoma. Thankfully, the many showers of blessing we've had in the last few months have almost made those dry, crunch days a memory. What "beauty" have we experienced lately? A trip to Branson and more picturesque scenes than we could take in. I missed the deadline here, but posted it on FB. Great post and beautiful pictures, Patty!


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