Done with Monkeying...

Done for the season!

This last weekend was our last monkey gig on the calendar. Which isn't unusual. I've gone from an empty monkey schedule to three events within a few hours, but not this time. It's too cold for monkeys outside! And I have to admit, I'm glad to see the cold weather come this year--it means I get to stay home for awhile. =)

Here Fonzie is enjoying the frozen treat Eileen gave hime while at the St. Clair Fair, in Belleville. He LOVED it!! (thank you, Eileen!)

Monkey Monday at Patterings

Wednesday, October 8th, A to Z starts! That's THIS Wednesday. And if you've asked for the links for this run of A to Z I'll be getting them to you soon.

Just didn't want you to think I'd forgotten. ;-)


  1. He looks like he's in ESCTACY. Love it! Can't wait for A to Z either. And i LOVE Monkey Monday!

  2. Your monkeys always make me smile. I hope you will get to
    come back to Michigan next summer. For now you can
    cozy up with the laptop or a good book . . . and maybe a
    monkey who wants to stay warm with Mama. ;)

  3. I'm so tickled that you have monkeys! Did NOT know that about you. What fun that must be. :-)
    And yes, I thought you'd forgotten about sending me the links! Glad to know you're on it. :-)


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