Deerfield Fair with the Girls

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Deerfield Fair. It's been part of our family forever. Forever? Yes! It's the fair my mom grew up going to and when my older sister and I were kids, still living in Maine, we'd make the trek and go to the Deerfield Fair whenever we could...which wasn't often, but it was enough to engrain it into us.

It's the fair of all fairs in our family. Still.

So, this year when Mom said she wanted to go to the fair, we converged in Boston. (Did I mention the fair is in Massachusetts?) We flew in from IL, MO, AZ, and Puerto Rico.

This last summer I went to a LOT of fairs and let me tell you, Deerfield Fair is nothing like them. It's bigger and better and cram-packed with people and events. Country events--things like horse pulls, oxen pulls, horse shows, 4-H shows...all that fun stuff.

The big event for us was the heavy horse pulls. We spent hours sitting in that arena watching the horses and teamsters and listening to the announcer. It didn't take long for us to loose our Rs and start talking how we used to. Start became staht. Horses were hosses and we cahfully remembered where-ah we pahked the cah.

We spent hours and hours sitting in the horse arenas (plural--one for pulling and another for the horse shows, which were super cool to see!) Cheryl was smart, she brought her toys and did some journaling with her paints. Talk about cool!!  I loved watching her dip and dab while we waited for the shows to start--cuz yanno, we couldn't lose our good seats. =)

We had a BLAST! The fair was WONDERFUL, but being together was the BEST. We talked and ate and acted goofy and did all those fun things sisters do when they get to go on a trip with their mom. hehe.

So tell me, did you go to the fair as a kid? What was your favorite thing?

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  1. Never went to a fair until I moved to Indiana. And I'm not a fan. Wait, I guess I did go to the Kansas State Fair on a date once. But that was only to the Midway. I think it's wonderful that you got together with your sisters and Mom! She is very blessed!

  2. In the South we call them festivals. And I went to many of them. Strawberry festival, watermelon, and the sausage festival which my dad organized as part of the voluntary fire department. My favorite part was always the food. Warm fried apple surrounded by vanilla ice cream. Those pictures of y'all are frame worthy!

  3. State fairs are awesome. Corn dogs, funnel cakes, fried everything... followed by intense queasiness and swearing you'll never do it again. And the exhibits are the best. As for the rides, no thanks.

  4. Loved the fair as a child. My husband and I enjoy the food, but unless we go on Senior Citizens Day, between parking and admittance, it's about $25 just to get in. I can't wait each year to see the sand sculpture, which is always amazing. No rides for me, though. I suffer from vertigo and would be arrested for public drunkenness.

  5. Not my childhood, but my children sure have it. We have the county fair (it's huge!) and the Mennonite Relief Sale, which is something to behold even if you have no clue what Mennonites are. :)

  6. You ladies really know how to experience the fair! What a fun time making those memories. Love the pictures!

  7. I can remember going to the L.A. County Fair maybe one or twice - no clear memories of favorite things. When I think of a fair I think of Charlotte's Web, to be honest (and now, YOU with the monkeys LOL). Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL time with the girls and mom. SO glad you had the opportunity!

  8. I love the Deerfield Fair...haven't been since we moved to Florida 10 yrs ago. I just have one correction for you though...Deerfield Fair is actually in New Hampshire, not Massachusetts. :)

    1. ROFL, THANK YOU, Melissa! I had it written as New Hampshire but then changed it, second guessing myself. *eye roll* Mom grew up right close to the state line so keeping the towns with the right states is a challenge since we moved to Maine when I was two.

      Thanks for stopping by!! =]


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