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After a long, hard fight against bone cancer, Dad died last Friday, November 1st. It’s hard to believe he’s gone—gone to Heaven—and yet it isn’t. We’ve been preparing for this for quite a while now. But can you ever be ready for losing a loved one? I don’t think so. It’s so very comforting to know where Dad is and to know that we’ll see him again someday. But still, it’s hard for us and for the kids—they’ll miss their Pappy and we’ll miss my dad.

I’m so very thankful for the extra time we had with Dad. He’s taught me much over the years. How to listen, how to ask good questions, how to do a job well, and how to pray. I learned quickly not to pour the milk on my cereal before praying for breakfast. When Mom and Dad prayed for a meal, they prayed over the family. The whole family. That meant that as we grew up, married, and had children, their prayers lengthened. They prayed over tests the kids had, jobs, decisions they knew we had to make, kids who were in a stupid faze… They prayed faithfully. My kids knew Grammy and Pappy were praying for them.

Now that Dad’s gone I’m worried. Mom and Dad were so faithful to stand in the gap and pray for us and I know Mom is still praying and will continue—but still, that means we’re down one prayer warrior interceding for us. And we need prayer! I’ve seen the difference prayer makes in our lives. Not only that, but there are people in our family that my heart is so heavy for. People I’m deeply concerned about. Who’s going to pray for them now that Pappy is in Heaven? Who’s going to step up and fill the gap that his homegoing has left? I want that prayer coverage. I need that prayer coverage.

As I thought about this the other day, I felt that silent nudge. It’s time for me to quit relying on the prayers of others so much and step forward and fill the gap.

Prayer is something all of us can do, regardless of the season our life is in. The question is, do we?
I searched for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for the land, so that I would not destroy it; but I found no one. ~Ezekiel 22:20
Dudley Currier Sargent-faithful servant of God
God looks for people praying. He listens to their prayer and responds. When Abraham interceded for his nephew, Lot was saved when Sodom was destroyed. When Moses interceded for the people of Israel, God listened and didn’t destroy the people. Prayer changes lives. We know this, but do we really know this—the kind of know that changes our lives?

Are we praying faithfully for others, standing in the gap for them, lifting them up before the God who hears and interceding for them? Am I?

Dad showed me how to pray. It’s time to step forward and fill the gap his home going left.

So tell me, who are the people in your life that you need to be interceding for?
Be faithful to your job and pray.

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  1. So sorry about your dad, Patty. What an example he left for all of us! It's been a long time since I heard the "stand in the gap" verse, and I really needed to hear it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Tom. My parents are terrific and their lives are examples for me to follow. I'm so blessed and thankful. We'll miss Dad in many ways. Last night my crew was all together and it was fun to see bits of him show up in all of them. =]

      Those stand in the gap verses are so full of imagery for me and I'm glad--it helps drive home just what intercessory prayer is. They've been much on my mind this year.

  2. Patty, I have been thinking the same thoughts. I depended on the prayers of the older generation. Now, I'm the older generation. I know there are people depending on my prayers. I hope I can be as faithful. ((hugs))

  3. What a legacy your dad left! I'm sorry for your loss, Patty. Yet, I'm excited for your dad in his home going. And you're right, you can never be prepared to lose someone, especially to cancer. I went through it twice in nine weeks in 1995. As we get older, it is tough to realize sometimes that we are the ones who need to step up and stand in the gap. I know you'll do just fine. Your dad would be proud, I'm sure. ((BIG Hugz))

  4. Beautifully written. What a tribute to your dad. I too have felt that emptiness of "who will fil the gap?" Thanks for the challenge and the reminder that I AM THE ONE who needs to fill the gap - for my girls, their friends, the ones who come behind me. Thanks for sharing so deeply with us, Patty.

  5. Patty I'm sorry about your dad. This was a beautiful tribute - and the last thing he taught you to do - stand up and fill in the gap! What a wonderful man. Those prayers for the everyday things our lives and in the lives of people we love move mountains! Great post, Patty! Linda :)

  6. Patty, what a blessing you enjoyed -- a father who loved you and your family and most of all The Lord. And what a great lesson he taught you about prayer. Hugs. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  7. You were so blessed to have such a wonderful dad! I'm guessing he's still interceding for you and your family, but I am so sorry for your loss.


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