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This week is the letter O.

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Oy! My poor blog!

October was a blur. A good blur, but none-the-less, a blur.

I've been to Arizona and back and Cincy is on the deck. I was able to visit with my parents and my sister and that was the highlight of my month. =)

All's well.
Miss you guys!

So tell me, what was the highlight of YOUR October?

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  1. I did miss your blog post last week! Who or what is Cincy? My October was the same as any other month. :)

    1. Traders World is in Cincy--a place we've worked the monkeys and love. =] It's kinda become our second home and we really like it here. Last week I was with my parents and I'm so thankful for that time with them--and that's why I missed the letter N.

      A normal month sounds nice! =]

  2. October was busy - whatever happened! i'm looking forward to the mundane of November - oh wait a minute, there's this Mission's conference and Thanksgiving and .. . O well. Praying your November is less of a blur.

    1. LoL, Karen. A mundane November sounds delicious...but a little...um...impossible? LoL. Enjoy the conference AND Thanksgiving! =]


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