Friday, August 16, 2013

Doomed, I Say!

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This week is the letter D.

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I'm doomed!
This last weekend we returned home from an almost two week road trip. It was a great trip, even if it was a work trip. We stopped by to see my parents, visited one of Dad's fishing lakes, and simply enjoyed the traveling.

So why am I doomed?
Well, I had this GREAT list for blog posts for this A to Z meme we're doing. I mean, this is my favorite meme because it gives me the perfect opportunity to post some of the things that pop into my mind (which could be scary if there weren't a thread connecting them all together). Two days ago I went looking for my list...

It's GONE!
I'm doomed, I say!!

For a girl who lives off her lists, losing one, especially one like this, is awful!
So, I've been trying to remember some of the cool things I jotted down for the letter D...but it's just not happening. It's like my brain has been drained.

One thing I know wasNOT on that list is this, which is something I did a lot of...
Drive by shooting.

I don't know what I was taking a picture of (it certainly wasn't in this picture! LoL) but I got a good shot of how I looked as we drove West... like a tourist with the camera clenched in my hands or plastered to my face.

When we saw these huge rocks in the middle of nowhere and nothing, guess what we saw?

Go ahead, guess
What do these rocks look like to you? (Remember, it ties in with the letter D.)
Think outside the box.
Goofy is good...

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  1. You will probably say dinosaur, but I kind of see a hippo, or maybe some kind of mutant ant! Here in California, Drive by shootings take on a different meaning!
    My list for the meme is in the computer, so I can add to it when an idea pops in! I hope you can find yours or recall in brilliant ideas!

    1. Barb, you are so smart to keep your list on the computer! My list started for just the letter A - D because I was hoping the have them done before we left for our trip, but it blossomed into the whole alphabet, and I didn't get the posts done ahead. LoL.

      Oh yeah, I can see a hippo in that rock! Cool!! =]

  2. I say dinosaur--at least that's what I saw. Love A-Z meme, glad it's back! Always gives me incentive. Muchly needed.

    1. Glad you're liking A to Z, Kim!! It's good to see you again. =]

  3. You poor thing! Totally fun post. Praying that list shows up. Somewhere!

    1. Well, I have a feeling it's inside a book I brought and must've left somewhere. I think it might be at my sister's there with my parents. *eye roll*

  4. I saw a turtle. A very sad one. Probably because it looks so hot.
    I hate losing things! There's nothing worse for an organizer to find your stuff missing or out of place.

    1. Oh yeah, I can see a turtle too. =] I think you're right. He's sad because of the heat. LoL

  5. Two weeks on the road? Yowzee! I'd be a basket case by the time I got home.

    Sure hope you find your list, Patty. I'm a big list maker as well, but I've started keeping them on my phone. Hey, there's an L post for you...List! lol. Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. LoL, Dora, yes, I would've been a basket case but we were able to come home a couple days early and that helped. Stopping to see my parents saved my sanity. =]

      Aren't lists wonderful?!! Keeping them on your phone is a SMART idea!! I need to start doing that!!! I saw a lady grocery shopping the other day and her list was on her phone. I almost stopped her to ask what app she used. LoL. Do you have an app you like for lists?

  6. Add me to the "hippo" sighting :) I love seeing your beautiful photography and the way it lets us tag along. I lose my lists too - because I'm still delusional about having a memory :/ Lovin' the meme, BTW.

  7. I didn't read the other guesses...I see a dead man. :) I do!

    I once made the best ever menu/grocery list and dropped it with my letters into the offical outside mailbox. I still mourn it's loss.

  8. I got nothin' on the rocks. But a road trip out west sounds fun!

  9. I love your drive by shooting. :)

  10. Uhm, D for Dung? Sorry but that's all I could come up with! :-)

  11. I tried to think of a "D" word for that pile of rocks, but when I saw them I thought... BUFFALO! But that's a "B" word and we already did that letter! *shrug* ~ I'm sorry you lost your list. :( That's got to be so frustrating! I need to make a list. That would be so helpful! Good idea...and good post, Patty!


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