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This week is the letter C.

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In the past year I've been doing a lot of traveling. From the beaches of Puerto Rico to the mountains of Arizona--and the one thing that remains a constant is the clouds. They captivate me sometimes.

An Arizona mountain lake my dad fishes in.

Storm clouds over the high country of New Mexico and Arizona.

A sunset in Puerto Rico.

Clouds seen from the airplane window. Stormy below but beauty above. It's a good reminder for me--when there are storms in my life there's still sun and beauty above.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Patty. Clouds keep us looking up with anticipation, and, oh...what a view! Great post.

  2. Lovely photos. I've always been fascinated by the clouds! In the past, I did one of these A to Z memes on a certain type of cloud.

  3. LOVE clouds - and these pictures are gorgeous. Beautiful :)

  4. Beautiful pictures! Wouldn't it be great to lay on a blanket and watch the clouds roll by all day?

  5. I love clouds, especially the pink, purple, and orange ones at sunset!

  6. You have been doing a lot of traveling. Lovely pictures, and each location looks so peaceful! Bet you had a great time.

  7. You've lived a fascinating life. Lovely!


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