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Welcome to this week's a 2 z: Take 2
and the letter X.

So far, my summer has been filled with a lot of Xtra activities. I'm sure yours has too.

A couple weeks ago I told you I'd show you the room decorated with that cool coral. Here it is. I wish I had gotten to the rooms in time to get pictures of all of them. They were incredible!

The Great Barrier Reef room for VBS.
It's been years and years since we've tried a garden and we are SO enjoying this time around. Many evenings are spent puttering around out there. Very relaxing and enjoyable...which totally surprises me because the last gardens we attempted were so NOT that way!!

Mom and Dad, these pictures are especially for you...
Summer squash! I can't wait! Boiled and smothered in butter. yummmmm.

This is how the garden looked on June 5th...

And how it looked on June 17th...

We put a hog panel up for the cukes. Guess what we'll be doing later this summer...

There's a few of my Xtra summer things.
So tell me, what Xtra things are you doing?

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  1. VERY cool, Peejers! Both the VBS stuff and the garden. We had a garden once. But the deer ate anything. Haven't since- but I WANNA!

    Lessee - extra stuff...editing for a friend. Camp for the kids. I dunno - what else?

  2. I know I want to find the person who created lazy days of summer. It's busy here, too. You have a great garden going.

    I'm not as busy as I'm supposed to be--my post explains why.

  3. Isn't that the truth, Julie!! Lazy days of summer?! Lead me to 'em.

    Sorry to hear about your wrist! What a bummer!!

    Jo, we'd have deer too if it weren't for Gracie and Puppers (who is in the dog house at night to keep her from barking outside our window all night. *eye roll*)

  4. Beautiful garden.

    Our's is surrounded by horse fence to keep out animals--both mine and the wild ones. :)

    This summer: finishing the editing of one book, hoping to finish writing a second to pitch at conference, reading lots of great books, and thinking about school starting in August. And that's only the highlights. LOL


  5. Okay, this city gal will take a stab at translation. I think cukes are cucumbers. And I'm guessing that means you'll be pickling later this summer.

    But I have no clue about a hog panel. I could probably come up with a few goofy ideas - is it like an editorial panel or a judging panel? A panel of hog judges would probably do very well for cucumbers. Maybe it's a new wall covering for your living room? (Wood paneling is so pase'. LOL!)

    After viewing your pics, I'm guessing it's the fence that keeps pigs from your cucumber patch, but wouldn't they eat the other veggies, too? I think I'm still missing something.

  6. I loved the picture of your VBS undersea world. It's beautiful. So is your amazing garden. I didn't see a single weed. Impressive.

  7. Your posts always have a way of making me smile! Love the cool coral. And the garden is wonderful--I can only imagine the tasty veggies that will come from those beautiful plants! HUGS!!! Lots of love!!


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