Stepping In to Me

Once you have your persona and have your appearance supporting your behavior, then it's time to figure out how to step into this persona so you can utilize it.

Here's a few things I do...

  • Posture-- Now that I've practiced a lot, sometimes it's as simple as straightening my back. Good posture is something that I've incorporated into my persona so when I need to tap into that personal resource (my persona) I can stand up straight or even sit up straight and lean forward a bit. Even if I'm sitting Indian style in a big chair, teaching Bible study (LoL, my preferred way to teach in that particular setting), I've found I do better if I'm sitting up straight.
  • Clothes--I dress in the outfits I've carefully chosen for when I'm in my persona. Outfits that I feel confident in and that I know look good on me.  Terry Burns is well known for his cowboy hat. It's part of his persona and very effective.
  • My hands--it used to be I never knew what to do with them. They just kinda hung around making me self-conscience of them. Now I know I can loosely fold them in front of me and it's become a trigger, helping me step into the persona I created. You did notice the term loosely, right? I'm not talking about white knuckling it, just a comfortable, calming, folding of the hands--and yes, it is very calming. Try it sometime when your nerves are acting like Mexican Jumping Beans.
But here's my personal biggest secret...

Power Accessories
These are things that help put you in persona or are confidence boosters. They'll be different things for different people, some visible to others, some not visible.

For me, I have a special rock that is a physical reminder of all God has done for me. It's in my pocket almost all the time, and has been for years. (Yes, Jo, I found my rock!) God's got me this far and won't leave me now. I have His promise on that.

Another power accessory for me is a bracelet. I have a couple favorites that I choose from, and then I have the "big guns" of bracelets. It's one that belonged to my great-aunt that my sister gave me. I wear that one when I'm really nervous and need the extra boost.

So what about you?
Do you have a persona for when you need one?

Here's a crucial point you MUST remember:
If we genuinely believe we can do something, it takes us a long way toward accomplishing it. 

And the reverse of that is also true. If you believe you can't, then you won't.

Fully believe you CAN do this.

Envision your persona teaching or speaking in public or working a crowd.
  • How will she smile? What will her hands be doing? How will she emphasize a point?
  • Mentally work through situations, repeatedly.
  • Act them out alone.
  • Try them out on small groups or friends.

Here's a wonderful piece of wisdom from one of my blog students, Kate Hinke. A quote from Christopher Robin while speaking to Winnie the Pooh...

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Next week... Me, Aligned & Available.


  1. You found it??? YAAAYYY! So VERY glad. You need to email the story when you have a minute (:::roll::: ). This is SUCH good stuff. Thanks, Peejers!

  2. These are GREAT Peej! I am enjoying the series and taking away good stuff.


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