V is for Vacation Something

Welcome to this week's a 2 z: Take 2
and the letter V.

These days we are in the throes of Vacation Bible School, which is a HUGE project at our church.

One of the ladies who is usually very involved in the preparation is now one of our church secretaries, but that doesn't let her off the hook. Someone was smart enough to deliver fishies to her desk so she wouldn't feel left out. ;-)

This year there's a wide variety in the decorations. These ladies put the base coat of paint on coral for the Great Barrier Reef room --and I hafta tell ya, that room is destined to be THE coolest room this year!!

Also for the Great Barrier Reef room, there's waves and THE coolest coral ever. This guy here (and his mom and dad!!!) is loaded with talent and ingenuity. Every year he amazes me. His mom is one of the masterminds behind all this.

The neon yellow and purple skinny things are coral they made from the spray foam insulation. There's also brain coral there, too.

I'll show you pictures of the finished rooms later...next week sometime.

Here's more of the fishie crew. That's my oldest and youngest and one of the youth pastor's daughters. Her mom is the other mastermind. The two ladies are absolutely incredible! And they're FUN to work with.

These are the backdrops we made a few years ago from painting drop cloths. We've used them for several years now...and more of the painting crew.

Vacation Bible School is a HUGE amount of work that totally disrupts everyone's schedule. It can be a very stressful time for a LOT of people, but I know there will be many people in Heaven because of VBS.  I'm one of them.

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  1. Oh the days of VBS. None of the churches I've attended recently do this anymore. Too much trouble and so many families with both parents working, I think.

    It looks like your coral room will be awesome. Can't wait for the finished photos.


  2. My church does it and also puts in a lot of work! I remember attending VBS as a child and it was soooo fun!

  3. I loved your pictures of preparing for VBS. It looks like it will be an adventure for everyone. Our church is also preparing of VBS. The kids and adults love it. I think some of the adults love the time to let their inner child lose.


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