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After I pulled Peej out of hiding and meshed her with Patty and mixed in a healthy blend of other character traits I wanted to develop, I examined the external me.

Some people don't have to worry about the external because they don't have trouble with fashion or have kept up with it for their job, but that wasn't the case for me. I was making big changes in how I presented myself and that meant big changes in the clothes I wore when I would be in front of people, or even possibly in front of people.

Now, I'm not into fashion and never have been. I'm a certified jeans and sweatshirt girl, but those aren't suitable for all situations. So I needed to regroup and recalibrate.

Years ago, when I was a freshman at Moody Bible Institute, Mom invited a lady over to do a color analysis on the four of us girls. Thankfully, through the years I had been true to my colors, giving me a base to start with. Keeping what I already had in mind, I went shopping.

Oh, don't tune out if you're on a shoe-string budget. I was and still am. My stores of choice: Salvation Army and Goodwill. Really. Several months of regular visits netted me a few tops that were just right for me and a couple skirts that broadened my closet basics, all for $20. Two dollars here, three there...making it doable on our tight budget.

As my collection grew, I removed pieces that weren't good--things that didn't fit right or look good or just made me feel frumpy (after having five children, fit and frumpy were the biggest offenders).

I now have a small collection of tops and outfits that look good on me and make me feel good, too. Any time I know I'll need the extra confidence, I pull out one of those.

Why did I go through all that when I'm not into fashion?
What you wear changes how others look at you, which in turns bolsters how you view yourself. It builds your confidence and can even become part of your brand.
For those of us not into fashion...

Wardrobe – outfits
  • There is info out there to help, based on body type and coloring.
  • Ask a sharp dresser or fashion savvy lady.
  • What colors, styles or outfits garner compliments when you wear them?
Hair and make-up
  • When it's time for your haircut, ask what might look good on you. Often those ladies have some good ideas, especially if it's someone you've been going to for awhile.
  • Need make up help? Try a make-up counter at one of the nicer stores in the mall. Some offer make-overs as promos to sell their merchandise. (Plan on buying something from them if you do.)
  • Ask an older teen. In my church there are several girls who are good with make up, and chances are there are some in your church too. Often they would love a chance to play with make up like that.
  • A couple nice pieces work wonders.
  • Keep it simple! Otherwise it might distract you.
  • Earrings Tip:  Find a couple pair that you can wear with almost everything. For me, that means a pearl studs, gold hoops and silver hoops. With at least those three I'm good to go for almost everything.
  • Bracelet Trick: I've talked with women both fashion savvy and...not, and most agree that a bracelet seems to put the finishing touch on an outfit and helps you feel classy. I agree with them.
You want your external appearance 
supporting your persona.
Careful attention to both internal and external detail will help you present a persona that is comfortable for you and that helps you accomplish your purpose.

So tell me, of all the fashion secrets out there, what has helped you the most?

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  1. This is DEFINITELY an area I need to work on! Great tips, sweets.

  2. One of the best tips I have ever followed is to wear clothes that fit! My size is what it is...and I always look better when my clothes fit. And even when I dread it... the three way mirror is my friend!


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