Toby - Perpetually Two

Welcome to this week's a 2 z: Take 2
and the letter T.

Well, believe it or not, it took me a few minutes to find what to post about for the letter T...which is really kind of amazing, and incredibly silly.

This is Toby, my Capuchin monkey. He's my sixth child and is a perpetual two year old. Thankfully, Jim and I always loved the two year old stage with our kids.

Here's Toby, clipped to "the board." It's a place we clip him for training, for safe, hands-free holding while we change his bed crate and blankie...all that fun stuff.

Last time he was here he decided he liked climbing the wall. A lot. He can scale that wall in .7 seconds flat.

My oldest daughter is one of Toby's favorites. We were deep cleaning his cage and while I spelled her, she sat with Toby and watched us.

While watching us, they got in lots of snuggle and cuddle time. Always a favorite thing.

Toby is full grown and when he's sitting, he's the size of a bag of flour. Tiny but mighty.

Below is Toby in his cage, his sleeping crate and blankie are behind him.

Here we and my baby. Growing up, some of my friends had monkeys as pets (hey, we were MKs in South America, lots of jungle all around.) and I loved it the few times I had contact with monkeys...I just never ever thought I'd have a monkey.

So tell me, is there an animal you always wanted for a pet?

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  1. Toby's such a cutie. I bet he's a lot of fun too.


  2. He's so cute- how fun for you all!

  3. If you want my entire family to come to your blog, all you need to do is post about Toby :)

    Love Abby snuggling with him. Kids will definitely see this one when they get home :)

  4. LoL, Jo. He provides a LOT of blog fodder, but I don't want my friends to get sick of hearing about him. ;-)

  5. Love the monkey. So cute! I'm so not showing that picture to my daughter. She would definitely want one!

  6. Love Toby, it was interesting learning more about him. Hugs!

  7. I wanted a monkey sooooo bad when I was a kid. But then I was watching one at the pet store and he came flying across the cage, stuck his hand through the bar, and his finger up my nose--all in one motion. His finger was so hairy with a long fingernail and it was gross!

    Then in Mexico there was a little one who liked to climb in my lap but if I tried to take him off, he would bare his teeth like he was going to bite my hand off. Then go back to cuddling until I tried to leave again. LOL

    After those two experiences I decided I didn't want one after all. :-p

  8. Oh Amy, that's just too funny. Sorry. LoL. Yes, they are very opinionated. =]


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