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Welcome to this week's a 2 z: Take 2
and the letter R.

It's hard to believe that it's been 2 years (almost exactly) since our Tuesday night Bible study started. Unbelievable. This group of ladies has been a huge encouragement to me. When study started, I was as green as you can get when it comes to teaching--green due to inexperience and green due to nervousness and fighting nausea every week over speaking in front of people. But those ladies stuck with me, let me scarf Skittles to keep my sugar going and laughed with me over some of the tangles my tongue got in. And they're still doing it. Amazing, beautiful ladies.

But tonight is the last night I'll be teaching, for awhile at least. See, I need a rest.  Not that I want one, but I need it. My bff noticed and so did my husband--and he asked me to take the summer off. So, I am.

At first I was bummed because I've discovered that I LOVE teaching...because I love the study that I put into teaching. I'm convinced that I learn at least ten times the amount that I manage to pass on to others. I have been tremendously blessed by what I've learned over these two years. But now I'm excited about my summer off. I plan on doing a lot of reading. I'm looking forward to soaking myself in God's Word, like a summer long bubble bath in it. My cover-to-cover read through of the Bible, which I like to do in a year's time, has stretched out to two years this time. That's not a problem, but I miss the continuity of that reading.

I'm really looking forward to a time of refreshment as I rest.

The third part of my plan for the summer is wRiting. I have a goal set and am working toward it on a daily basis, which is very encouraging.

Granted, mixed in with my 3 Rs is a full summer of family stuff, but I'll be carving out time for my 3 Rs.

So tell me, what are your plans for the summer?

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  1. I'm back!

    Your plans sound great, Peej. I hope you have a restful and insightful time.

    My June will be busy... I take the National Certification exam for interpreting on June 9th, then the middle to end of June some of my family will be going to Maryland area to do sightseeing and for me to see a connective tissue specialist. Looks like I might be hired to do a big editing/re-writing job as well as getting Voices of the Dark ready to proposal at a local writing conference in August.

    I'm suppose to be getting my disability hearing at some point near the end of the summer, too.

  2. I've been reading more, too. I love my Kindle. It fits in my bag, and I have a choice of books wherever I take it.

    I'm traveling to CA to be with my daughter when her baby's born, and then later helping with our VBS at church.

    Summer always goes by too fast for me.

  3. Good for you for taking time for you! I pray it will be a good time for you.

  4. Soooo glad you're taking that break, dear. Your summer sounds lovely.

    Planning to read, write, and shuttle over the summer (though not as much shuttling as during the school year, thank goodness!). August should be cool - kids have a week of sleepover camp, plus we're planning a trip to Mount Rushmore (never been). God willing, of course!

  5. Well, we are moving in three weeks, back to my parents' ranch. Merging households with my daughter and SIL, g-baby and g-baby-on-the-way. We're going HOME. Leaving behind the town we planted a church in 14 years ago.
    I hope and pray that my summer will be one of rest and restoration and "recovering from the effects of heat."

  6. Great summer plans. I too thought or reading, riting and rithmetic but chose a different word. enjoying this meme.

  7. Summer plans? I look forward to wRiting and Relaxing. The kids worked so hard this year in school, SO hard. Usually I'm anxious about them being full time, but this year I'm ready for them to be here.

    Great post!

  8. I'm late today, but better late than never.

    Summer plans...see my blog because like Patty I posted about REST, but I added RELAXATION, and RECOVERY. :O

  9. You summed up my summer plans pretty well!

  10. Your summer sounds lovely. I plan to do a lot of reading and writing as well! No big plans - trips or anything. Though I do have to set up next years school curriculum. That's always a challenge.


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