I'm not a deep thinker and I've had a relatively easy life. To be honest, I feel like a very shallow person living a life of ease. As I read through the Bible and read about the lives of those great saints, and then read biographies of missionaries, my feelings of shallowness increase and I'm more convinced than ever that I'm living a dream life in my own little bubble.

Just this morning I read in a devotional that “God never uses anyone to a great degree until he breaks the person completely.” I understand this and know it to be true, but I'm left wondering if God will use me at all since I have such an easy life and am not a deep thinker. I know not everyone is called to be a Matthew Henry, a DL Moody, or a Nate Saint, and I know they were ordinary men used by an extraordinary God. But what about those of us who really want to be used by God yet live a life that seems to only skim the surface?

Please understand, I'm not looking for pats on the back or excuses for shallow living on easy street. This is something I've been mulling over for a couple of weeks now and I want to hear your thoughts on this.

Does depth of character only come from great trials and tribulation? Is it possible for God to use someone who leads an easy life?


  1. Great question!

    I guess what comes to mind first is what Paul said in Php 4:12-13.

    I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. [13] I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

    Now, I know that prosperity preachers take that verse to mean you have to learn how to get money, health, etc for yourself. But I don't think so. I think it means that there's a right way and a wrong way to deal with "Easy lives." And Paul learned the right way. He said he did it through Christ who strengthened him.

    So I think God can use you and your "easy life." After all, He IS using you through your blog, and I'm sure you also touch those who know you personally in many ways.

    Be thankful for the blessings He gives, and use them as He directs you to...and be prepared for the hard times when and if they come. It's good that you recognize their value in advance. In the meantime, keep learning what Paul to prosper in the right way. I'll bet you already do, much more than you realize.

  2. We're thinking along the same lines, Betsy, and you put it so well. "And Paul learned the right way. He said he did it through Christ who strengthened him." Going through life the right way--whether it's tough circumstances or easy street. Going through it all THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS.

    Thanks so much for that thought, Betsy! =]
    Love you! =]

  3. God uses those that are listening to His voice.

  4. The thing is who decides that a tribulation is great or not? What affects me deeply might not affect you so deeply and vice versa. Anything that's a challenge or a worry could be considered a tribulation. The word says " tribulation worketh patience" it never said great tribulation, just tribulation or as another version says, 'suffering'.

    So the tests and trials that you go through even as you live what you call an easy life, God still uses to perfect you. I find that God never lets anything that we go through big or small go to waste. As long as we are willing He uses even the smallest things to teach us.

    Just the fact that you are searching and mulling over your life, to me is a way of looking to God. He will answer I know He will.

    I thought that was a great question.


  5. I agree, Vonnie! Listening and willing are key here.

  6. Oh, Vickie! Yes!
    I see people going through things in their lives and I think "Wow. How can they bear that? How can they live in that circumstance?" Yet I know that there are things that are simply a part of my life that make others think the same thing as they look at me.

    "As long as we are willing He uses even the smallest things to teach us." Very well said! God knows what we need to make us usable to Him. God hears the cry of His people and when we cry out to Him and seek Him, He will be found.

    Thanks, Vickie!

  7. You are stronger than you know, Patty dear. Like others have said, you have been through many things that others would consider trials, but that GOD HAS GIVEN YOU the strength to get through.

    Giving it all to God is all you must do (LOL like that's ever easy!) - and you WILL be used (and you ARE being used!). Got it?

  8. I do believe that people who have had great suffering have the ability to comfort others with the same sorrows and afflictions, according to Scripture. However, because the Lord judges the heart, all He sees is your commitment to Him, your willingness to surrender and to sacrifice, your dependence on Him for all things.

    Incredible question.


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