The Abominable Snowman & Grace

Years ago we had a wonderful dog, Hagar, and I'll tell you about him some other time, but after he died I prayed for a replacement for him. We've had many dogs over those years, but none replaced Hagar—until this summer.

My dad and GracieOne day this last summer, my youngest and I found a scared great pyrennes in our back yard. She had on a collar and I expected her owner to appear at any minute. I waited for two weeks, but they never showed up. I called and checked for missing dog notices, but no one was missing a white dog, let alone a well-trained, friendly great pyrennes. (Here she is with my dad.)

In the past, we've had other great pyrennes visit us, and their owner was in our yard in a matter of hours, but this wasn't one of his. I checked. During those short visits, I fell in love with the breed. But there were a few problems. They cost a bundle of money and we've never paid for a dog. I also knew my hubster didn't like long haired animals and he didn't like white animals, either. (LoL—he's opinionated, but that's okay. I still love him!!) So I knew I'd never own a pyrennes, and I was fine with that.

When this “guest” appeared I didn't even hope to keep her. But as time went by and no owner came, we loved her more. When my hubs said we could keep her I knew she was a gift from God. I also knew it was only by God's grace that I had such an awesome dog. When I finally named her, I chose a name that would remind me of just that. I named her Gracie, for God's grace to me.

Marvelous Grace of our loving Lord,
Grace that exceeds our sin and our guilt.
Yonder on Calvary's mount outpoured,
There where the Blood of the Lamb was spilt.

Grace, Grace, God's Grace.
Grace that will pardon and cleanse within.
Grace, Grace, God's Grace.
Grace that is greater than all our sin.

Every night at bedtime I go out and tie her up for the night so she doesn't circle the house, protecting us with her big bark. Many times that evening walk with Gracie has been a soothing reminder of God's grace in my life.

And He said to me,
“My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.”
~1 Corinthians 12:9

Gracie is a gentle dog who doesn't need constant attention to be happy. She's not always in your face or crawling in your lap, like our previous dog, but when she gets to playing, watch out! She's like an abominable snowman dancing. That's what we often call her, but now, seeing her in the snow, I wonder if she isn't a polar bear instead. Whatever she is, she's won a place in our hearts and I'm so thankful for her.

When I get to feeling down or when I feel like I'm up against giants, Gracie is a visual and tactile reminder of God's grace.

So tell me, do you have any visual reminders of God's grace in your life?


  1. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Great pics of Gracie. She's beautiful! Thank you, Lord!
    Akela loves the snow too.

  2. What a beautiful dog - and wonderful reminder. I LOVE that song, by the way - whenever I see it, I am reminded of the time our old pastor's brother sang it for special music one day. What a beautiful alto voice. Gives me shivers.

  3. Gracie looks like a wonderful dog. I can imagine her frolicking in the snow with our dog Faith.

    Faith and Grace.. what a pair!

  4. Gracie is gorgeous! My visible reminder of God's grace is sitting on the couch reading the sports page and drinking coffee. :-)

  5. glad Gracie found you.. wonderful message in this!

  6. What a great story and visual of God's grace to you. Thanks, Peej!

    My visual is my kitchen island that my kids built while I was away. During that trip, I leaned to be content with my little "rustic" home. God blessed that step in my life by giving me a nice kitchen when I returned to the home I had learned to appreciate.

  7. Isn't God's grace astounding? Marvelous isn't a big enough word for it!

    Love you guys!

  8. Love those photos of Gracie esp. the one in the dog house. She is a special dog!


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