Introducing the Bookworms

Last week took another surprising turn and I'm really, REALLY excited about it. My daughter, Esther, decided it was time to start the book review site she's been thinking about since Janice Thompson suggested it to my girls. (Thank you, Janice!) We spent four days working on setting up the site and and I believe it's about ready to take off. =)

Bookworms Review—Reviews with a teen twist can be found at Esther and Abby, my older daughter who is also known as Rosalie Patience, will be doing book reviews with a teen twist and hope to be doing author interviews and book giveaways when they can. Although their reviews and interviews will be from a teen's perspective, it's not a site just for teens! Their first review will be posted soon and they're in the process of setting up more interviews.

Bookworms Review

Both girls are avid, and fast, readers and I can't keep them in books. They also love writing, so this review site is a perfect fit for them. At this point, their reviews will range from older books to new releases as they schedule with authors to be influencers. They read almost every genre (except horror LoL) so there's no telling what book you'll find there.

I hope you'll join me in welcoming them to the blog world and the world of Christian book reviews and author interviews!


  1. Well, let me be the first to say...I'm impressed. Surprised? no, but impressed, yes.

    You are a good mama and your girls will follow in some awesome talented footsteps.

  2. So wonderful! I'm sure they'll love it - and I know I'll be an avid reader.


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