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It's a winner of a day
here at Patterings.

LoL--sometimes saying that just totally cracks me up. *eye roll*'s winner of Diana Brandemeyer's book, Hearts on the Road, is Karen K. Enjoy! =)

In other news, I've been working on my missionary romance this week and had a piece of the puzzle fall together yesterday. I'm beginning to get excited now that more and more pieces are fitting together. =) I reached my writing goal each day, and I'm sloooowly making progress. Granted, those words majorly stink--but that's okay! I'm making progress and moving forward, which is very important after last month!!

So tell me, what's a missionary to do when they have an extremely hard time learning the language? If he's there to tell people about Jesus, and he butchers the language, is there any hope for him or should he just pack his bags and head for home?


  1. Anonymous9:30 AM

    I feel that communication doesn't need a language in terms of words sometimes.

    And you can always have help from others.

  2. Yes!! Communication happens on so many levels that a common language isn't always necessary. =] I've seen this many times!


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