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This has been a busy week and one of the highlights was getting to see my younger sister and her family. It was the first time the cousins have gotten to see each other in quite awhile, so we made sure to get a picture or two--especially for Gram. =)

Here's my 5 kids, and my sister's 2 boys. When I saw the boys in August, each of those 7 kids wanted to know how tall the others were. LoL And so did Gram.

The 4 that are in the middle row (Esther, Abby, and my sister's boys) were all born within 18 months of each other. My nephew wearing the 18 is the only grandchild with red hair--which is amazing because both of my sisters are redheads. So here you are, Mom. =) That's how tall everyone is now.

Here's another picture. This one my cyber friends requested. My girls, Abby and Esther--the Bookworms--decided to rearrange and paint their bedroom. What an undertaking! Their room was...well, I'll be nice. It's been messy for far too long. In order to paint they had to take everything except their bunk bed out of the room. hehe. No more mess. (sneaky, huh?)

They chose a cool mint and started painting this afternoon. They've discovered Dad and Alex, their older brother have mastered the art of painting and making it look easier than it is. They also have a new appreciation for nicely painted walls. Maybe now they understand why I wash walls occasionally! I'll post a pic or two as they go, so you can watch their progress. =) I'm sure they'll love me when they see I posted them up here. hehe. They thought I was just sending the pic to Gram.

And we have a winner!
Carole is the winner of Martha Roger's book, Becoming Lucy. Enjoy!
On deck for this week's Author Spotlight is CJ Darlington with Thicker than Blood.


  1. Thanks for the pics, Peej! I can't wait for more!

  2. Oh, I'll bet gram will LOVE that pic, dear Peejers! And the girls look all into the painting thing. Hope you don't get into TOO much hot water from them ;)

  3. Patty, if I'm the "Carole" who won Becoming Lucy, thank you very much! It looks like you and your sister are having a great time. I'm an only child, so I'm a little envious!

  4. Wow! those grandchildren are growing taller each time I see them. Thanks for the pic. Glad the cousins got to see each other. Will be anxious to see the girls' room painted in mint green. Keep us informed on their progress.


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