A Laundry Moment

I just put in yet another load of laundry today, and as I was sorting I came across items that I knew were not dirty. The vest one of them wanted to wear on Sunday, but didn’t because it didn’t match, the sweatshirt my youngest wore for 2 hours, because I was cold…Why were those things in the laundry?

Oh, that's right. They got in big trouble recently for their messy room, big enough trouble that their room’s been clean now for four or five days. Just last night I complimented them on the good job they were doing because I was so impressed. Obviously, that was before sorting the laundry.

I was loading the washing machine, griping to myself about kids and their penchant for cleaning their rooms by throwing it all in the laundry, shoving it under their beds, or cramming it into their closets when I had a moment of truth. Moments of truth are good, but they’re not always pleasant or enjoyable, at least not those that come to me.

Those boys were cleaning their room like I clean, or try to clean, my life. Instead of picking up and dealing with the sin in my life, and getting rid of it, I tend to relocate it and shove it out of sight. Just because someone passing through my life can’t see my sin, doesn’t mean everything is ok. It’s still there needing to be confessed, repented of and gotten rid of. The more I shove and cram, hiding my sin, the worse it will be when I get around to doing a deep clean. Just like my boys don’t want me to have to pull their closet apart, I don’t want God to have to empty out my closet of sin, it’s much better if I just don’t cram it in there to begin with!

As I started the washer I realized I had some cleaning to do in my life. No more simply relocating the sin in my life--out of sight is not good enough. Confessed and forgiven is the only way to being clean.


  1. Oh this is so true! May the Lord remind me of this whenever I find clean clothes in the laundry (which is OFTEN!)

  2. Yes, true for me, too, Peej! Good thing God extends His grace--with no time limit--but is willing to patiently wait for me to have an aha moment and bring my "stuff" to Him.

  3. Boy, if this weren't so true...but it is....have a blessed Christmas

  4. Such truth - I LOVE your "homespun" wisdom, girl! Yes.

  5. Wow! What a perfect analogy. (Please don't look in my closets. :) )

  6. Wow! What a perfect analogy. (Please don't look in my closets. :) )

  7. When we finally "come clean" what a joy it is to know the Lord is pleased! Not always easy, but always worth it!

  8. This brings back many "laundry memroeis" for me. Your message is excellent...and convicting. Thanks, Peejie!

  9. I love how you refer to the sin in your life, and MINE. Out os sight is not good enough. I tend to just relocate it, as you said instead of getting it out and getting it cleaned up! Carol


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