Decorated for CHRISTmas

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Chad draped himself over Sarah's shoulder. What'cha makin', Mom? Another pillow for the couch?”

“No.” Sarah smiled wondering how long his guessing would last before he gave up.

“So what it is it?” His little hand picked up a package off the table so he could carefully study it. “These look like baby Christmas ornaments, Mom. Is this part of what you're making?”

“Now you're getting closer.” She picked up another green fabric square, matched the edges and fed it through her sewing machine while watching Chad as he discovered the other packages.

After studying and giggling over the other packages of miniature ornaments he looked over the strips of green squares she had sewn together and had laid out on the table. He grinned in recognition. “You're making a Christmas tree and these are the little decorations for it.” He leaned close and peered at her, hope shining in his eyes. “Is it for us, Mom?”

“Yes, it is. It's an Advent Calendar.”

“What's an Advent Calendar?”

“It's something you use to countdown the days until Christmas.” Sarah smiled as Chad's happiness translated into little bounces.

“How much longer 'til Christmas, Mom?”

“Well, let's see, now. I'll have to think about that...”

“Mom! How long?”

Sarah laughed. Chad knew she was teasing him. “Five weeks. But we'll start counting down on December first, which is next week.”

Chad was fiddling with the small packages of ornaments. “So how's this count til Christmas for us?”

“I'm making a Christmas tree wall-hanging, and each day in December we add a little ornament. When all the ornaments are on the tree, it means the next day is Christmas.”

“We get to decorate two trees! Yea!” Chad's eyes were sparkling like glittered ornaments.

Sarah matched two green strips together and fed them through her machine.

“I wish I were a Christmas tree.” The wistfulness is Chad's voice pulled at her heart.

“Why's that, punkin?”

“So I could get all decorated for Jesus, too.”

The sewing machine stopped and Sarah looked at her son, amazed. She blinked fast. “You can, son.”

“I can?” Hope filled his voice again.

“Yes. Do you know how?”

Chad thought while looking at the ornaments. “By doing things that would make Jesus happy?”

Sarah reached over and drew him into a hug. “That's right, honey. By doing things that make Jesus happy.”

Chad pulled back far enough he could see her. “I'm gonna get decorated real pretty then, Mom, cuz I want to me Him happy and I want to be a pretty Christmas tree.” He gave her a quick squeeze and trotted off. Soon she heard him picking up the toys he had left scattered around the living room.

Sarah's eyes slid closed. Lord, thank You. Help me to decorate myself for You, too.


  1. Awww, that's sweet. Kids can come up with the most amazing things sometimes, can't they?

  2. A precious piece of fiction, Peej, and very timely. Love it!

  3. Love the little boy and his mom in this story, Peej. He's so cute--wah...they grow up TOO fast.

  4. This is great! Chad reminds me of my own kids - they say things sometimes with a depth of knowledge I think I missed out on.

  5. Ahhh, Peej... I love this! I want to be a pretty Christmas tree, too!


  6. This is cute enough that it belongs in one of those Hallmark Channel holiday movies. :)

    Ha! Too bad for them that you thought of it first!

  7. i agree with hoomi!

    good stuff!

  8. I love the idea of Christmas tree made this way! Your story is so creatively written. Can I adopt Chad? :)

  9. So sweet - I also want to adopt Chad, and I love this wisdom out of the mouth of babes.

  10. This was so sweet. I love the way that kids think!

  11. May we all "stay decorated" during this season!


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