And the Winner Is...

Last Thursday I participated in the Holiday Giveaway at the Internet Cafe, and I had sooooo much fun visiting other blogs and meeting new friends. Let me tell ya, there were not only wonderful gifts they were giving away, but the sites and the ladies are beyond wonderful! I'll be going back to visit!

For my giveaway I had a little knit purse and Handel CD and the winner is Jen, of Reflections in the Window, who is recovering from back surgery.

To be entered in the giveaway, I asked the ladies to share a verse, and Jen said that 2 Corinthians 12:9 is the one she keeps coming back to at this point in her life.
"My grace is sufficient for thee:
for my strength is made perfect in weakness."


  1. Congratulations, Jen! I love that verse too :)

  2. Sweet Patty, well aren't you just a precious sister!

    Congratulations Jen!

    Wonderful Patty, I have a little something for you over at my blog. Please stop by and pick it up. I saw that you came by, but I don't think you saw it. You're so silly! THIS is one of the things I just LOVE most about you! You sure do make me just being you!

    Love you dear sister,


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