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Last week it was Friday or Saturday when I finally remembered Word Filled Wednesday, and I was so disappointed to have missed it! I had my picture ready and everything--but in the busyness of last week, I forgot. *sigh* So, I wrote it down in my day-timer so as not to risk forgetting this week.

Lord, I give You my life, my heart, my all. It's all I have to give, and it's still not near enough. You've done so much for me, and blessed me so abundantly. Please be glorified in my life.

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Graphic, without verse, by Madartists, who has many wonderful free graphics.


  1. Oh Patty, I feel the same way!

    He has done so much and yet I deserve so little. Thank God for HIs mercy and grace upon us.

    Blessings today!

  2. What a great reminder - a much needed one as we head into the Christmas rush and hustle and bustle. It is so easy to get selfish and impatient but I have presented myself therefore I need to act like it. Thank you so much! Love the picture by the way. :-)
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Great reminder (as I put off heading to the basement to ride the exercise bike!). Off I go! Happy WFW!

  4. This is so awesome, Patty! What a beautiful graphic, and you know how much I love that verse...but oh how difficult it is to live! Happy WFW!

  5. I love this Patty! what a great gift to give!

  6. Great reminder! I love it. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy WFW!

  7. Love it, Patty! Thank you for sharing. I'll try to remember it is my gift to Him, when I'm hating life while working out! LOL Happy WFW to you!

  8. The picture goes PERFECT with the verse - and reminds us to be CHEERFUL givers, too! Awesome!

  9. Ahhhhh yes...I forget what day it is as well..YOU ARE NOT alone!
    What an adorable image and are TOO creative over there...

    Are you snow covered? I remember those Chicago Christmases!:)

    peace and joy Patty!

  10. This is just too cute and I love the verse.

    Happy WFW!

  11. Oh how precious!!!! I just love it.

    Blessings to you this WFW♥

  12. I find good thought food in this.
    I need to worship him in resting my bones.

  13. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I really really really love that picture. Did you make it yourself? you are very creative!


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