Cutie-Patootie Monkey

As you probably know by now, Toby is a ham. When we're working a fair his job is to be cute, and he does a bang-up job of it.  Of course, while he's being cute, we're trying to get a good picture and often that can be challenging. Very challenging.
Monkey Monday at Patterings

Thankfully, we can usually get a picture that works. But in the meantime, we end up with some funny shots of him and of the people he's posing with.

Getting to see people as they meet a monkey lets me see a lot of smiles and hear some pretty cool stories, and it always makes me day.


  1. Wow! He's so sweet! He looks amazing in his clothes. You are so lucky to have him. My Mum doesn't let me have any live being..She says that my writing career is more important, that's why I'm sitting at writers-house every day...

  2. Sooo cute! Is he bigger since we saw him last? It might be a perspective thing, but to me, it looks like it.

    1. No, he's not any bigger, Jo. He's still just a little thing. LoL.


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