Tips and Tricks for Bible Memorization

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Memorizing Bible verses isn't easy but it's one of those things that is very worthwhile.

Here's a few tricks to memorizing that I've learned along the way...
  1. Ask God to help you!
  2. Be accountable to a small group—your Bible study or prayer group, a friend who will ask you about it and prod you when necessary…
  3. Write the verse on a card and post it somewhere you’ll see it or carry it in your pocket for quick and easy access.
  4. Read the verse 5 times every day.
  5. Draw a box around the verbs.
  6. Use a site like BibleGateWay or BlueLetterBible to look up a keyword in the verse.
  7. Use symbols to draw the verse then use it as a memory tool to help you visualize the verse. It really helps!! No artistic ability is needed. This is for you, not a gift for Rembrandt.
  8. Sing the verse. Remember Silly Songs with Larry? Anything goes.

My personal favorite tricks are... 

  • Write the verses using brightly colored pens (I write the verse 5-10 times, depending on my time and how well it's sticking in my head). The brighter the pens, the better it works.
  • Look up every cross reference listed for the verses I'm working on. 
  • Read about the verses in a commentary or two, to help me understand it more.
  • Put motions to the verse. 

I have to admit though that if people were to actually see me doing the motions they'd probably laugh. When I was walking early in the mornings, I'd memorize. I was always very thankful we live on back-country roads so only the deer and dogs would see me waving my arms around. But it helped!! Now, as I drive to work I'll say my verses and my motions have to be limited to what I can do while driving. But, they still help!!

Try different things until you find what works for you.
But the biggest key: Just do it!


  1. Great suggestions! I love memorizing with my daughter - her AWANA verses and all. We quiz each other. She definitely uses the motions (super cute LOL)

    1. Motions help SO much!! And I learned at Bible Study last week that I'm not the only one who uses motions when reviewing my verses in the car. Glad I live in the country! ;-)


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