4 Tips to Inspire Others

Inspiring others is a gift. It's something I think each of us can do. If we want to and are willing to do the work first.

The other day, my oldest son badgered me into watching a Piano Guys video. And yes, he badgered until I watched it simply because he wanted me to, and because he said it was piano and cello music (and I happen to love cello).

Confession: I fell in love.

I've loved classical music and cello for a long time (ask my kids, they've listened to countless days filled with it) but had fallen away from it because those same kids grumbled constantly about it. Lesson learned. My music is back. =)

That one video led to an hour's journey through a playlist that had me ready to tackle my heart-work again.

Here's The Piano Guys Charlie Brown Medley that brought a lesson into focus for me... Watch it! Please! You'll be glad you did.

4 Tips to Inspire Others

  1. Inspiring others takes Emotion! It has to start deep inside you, bubble up and then pour out. You have to feel the passion within yourself before you can share it and inspire others.
  2. Inspiring others requires Effort! The truth of reaping and sowing is true when it comes to inspiring others. When you put effort into your message or music or art, you reap the benefits in many ways. And so do others. If you want to inspire people you must invest the effort into whatever it is you are called to do.
  3. Inspiring others takes Enthusiasm! on your part. The same music or message could be shared without enthusiasm and it would fail to inspire. It'd face-plant and leave you wondering what happened. 
  4. Inspiring others requires personal Enjoyment of your craft. It's one of those silent, seemingly invisible things that transform the experience into one that's vibrant. The Piano Guys do not just perform what they're called to do, they enjoy it and their enjoyment is contagious!

The Piano Guys pour emotion, effort and loads of enthusiasm, energy and enjoyment into their music, from the opening notes to the grand finale. From there it overflows onto their audience and inspires them. Smiles appear, hands start clapping and feet that shuffled down the corridor begin to dance.

Hearing and watching The Piano Guys inspired me. It infused me with energy even though it had been a long day, and motivated me to tackle my heart-work. The work God has called me to do.

So tell me, what inspires you?


  1. I am smiling ear to ear. I'm glad you listened to Alex - and shared with us! And YOU inspire me (among others). And you've created a fan.

    1. Aw, thanks, JoDear. ThePianoGuys--their music--has been such an inspiration to me lately AND a great pick-me-up. I know I'm a fan! =]

  2. I love these guys! The first time I heard them they were doing Angels we have heard on high with 8 thumbs and 32 fingers. So cool! Thanks for sharing this Patty, I had forgotten how fun they are. My 14 year old grandson wants to learn cello now - because of the Piano Guys.

    1. Oh Bonnie, I LOVE the pieces they do with "32 fingers and 8 thumbs" or whatever combination. LoL. They amaze me. The energy and enjoyment is just...beyond cool. Being able to "do" music is one of the things I'm really looking forward to in Heaven. =]


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