Friday, November 13, 2015


As someone who writes, a question I’ve been mulling over is “Why do you want to be published?” (referring to traditional publishing) But really, this same question could be posed to anyone… “Why do you want to accomplish ______ in your chosen area?”

I get hung up on this question every time.
I don’t like my answer, even though it’s painfully honest.

I want to be published traditionally because I want the validation of it. I want someone to say that my work is good enough to warrant a contract and even payment. I want that seal of approval on my work. That proof. Something I can hold up and say, “See?!”

But every time I even think those words I hear a still, quiet voice in my heart saying, “Isn’t My approval enough?”
God did not use a cookie cutter when He created us. What’s right for my friend isn’t necessarily right for me. God may have called one of us to walk to the beat of a different drum. The key is to be obedient to what God’s called me to do. My calling, not someone else’s calling.

That means risking being different and maybe even appearing wrong. Sometimes that may mean the appearance of taking the easy way or a short cut. But the truth of the matter is that if it’s what God told me to do, then for me it’s right (and the other way may be the wrong way for me).

I need to obey what God's called me to do and look to Him for validation. Only Him.

So tell me, is validation something you struggle with? 
How do you deal with it?


  1. I am SUCH a people pleaser - so, yeah. :) I just need to constantly remind myself that God is, and needs to be, in control. That my people pleasing tendencies can prevent me from pleasing the only One who really matters. Thanks SO much for this. Needed it, as usual.

    1. Jo, you're right. Being a people pleaser really ties in with this and can prevent us from pleasing the One who matters. Good thought...sobering thought.

  2. Oh ouch! Yes, I struggle with that myself. Validation. Traditional publishing vs Self-publishing or Indie publishing. God just told me to write. I know He will take care of the rest. So why do I fret over how what I write will get into the hands of who will read it? Lord forgive me for running ahead of you! Great post, Patty!

    1. man, I run ahead so often. It's bad. And in the running ahead, I miss so much. Thanks, Shelley.

  3. Well, I was typing a comment about how, even after getting a book accepted and published, I struggle with being "good enough".......and I lost the post! :) See? I can't even write a simple post without stressing over it! Did I spell all the words right? Does this post need professional editing? Etc. I honestly think confidence and God's nudge is the most important thing to have, whether you self-publish or get a book accepted by a publishing house. I know God gave me the talent, the ability to write stories, but I still cower and recently did not do a good job of speaking at a small writer's conference. And it had nothing to do with validation of my book. I was unsure of myself. I still struggle. Getting the book published did not solve my insecurities. I guess what I'm trying to say is--don't base your worth or your writing's worth on the publication factor. If you have the confidence and feel God's approval, that's all you need. I struggle with helping promote my book because of insecurity and lack of "know-how" in different areas. My strength is story telling not promoting myself. Patty, you have strength when it comes to blogging and website designs. But you also have the ability to touch people with your writing. So, you are "stronger" than I am in this publishing world today. Shelley and Joanne, I don't know a lot about you, but I'm sure there are pillars of strength laid out by God in your desire to write. Gone are the days when a writer typed the words and a publishing house placed the finished project before the world. Their "strength" is gone. And so good writers are left weighing the choices. But remember, God gave you the ability and desire to lay out words in such a fashion that they will touch someone. And that "someone" is the only thing you have to think about. You three have the desire to write, the world of publication has changed, so get friends and other writers to read your work and give you pointers....make the changes....pour your insight and feelings into your work....and let God impress on you, or someone else, the final path to publication. Ugh, now you know why my husband calls me the "Rambler". Sorry! But....I am not erasing this! Ha. This reply will be published, unless Patty wipes it clean. Have a week!

    1. Oh Karen, YOU are a treasure.
      THANK YOU. You touched on a couple of other things I've been mulling over too...

  4. Wow! I've been thinking similar thoughts but in different areas...It freaks me out how often we thinking alike hundreds of miles apart and on such random subjects. At the Atlanta Summit Ron did a talk with video on knowing our WHY. It struck me right between the eyes. I don't know my answers yet, but I can't wait to figure it out.

    1. It is REALLY freaky, isn't it?! LOL. Funny and amazing at the same time. =]

      Knowing our why is a major thing. Something I've been thinking about it too. (surprising, huh? *eye roll*)


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