Monday, February 03, 2014

Monkey Monday

Here's what Toby thinks about being left out of the loop here...

Toby is shocked that it seems like I've forgotten him. So, he sat me down for a long talk. He can be very persuasive when he wants to be and he convinced me to let him visit on here. He wanted to be here all the time--you know how monkeys can be--but I put my foot down and told him "Maybe on Mondays."

After some dithering and toe picking, he agreed to my terms. Smart monkey.

I reminded him that I said MAYBE on Mondays. He just scrunched his nose and turned away. He knows me entirely too well.

Monkey Monday at Patterings
We sealed the deal with a vanilla wafer and a hand shake.

So, here's to Monkey Mondays. A time to share pictures, information, and funnies of my boy. And maybe not just Toby but a few other monkeys I know virtually.


  1. Yay for. Toby! Can't. Wait to see his silly mug here more often. :)

    1. LoL. I love my Toby and work to keep him from taking over around here. A day for him, like this, might help keep us both happy. =]

  2. I love Toby! I need to schedule a "field trip" for Radley to come visit & meet Toby. Now that he's homeschooled, he would LOVE a chance to "meet a monkey."


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