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This week's word is Giant.

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“There are giants in the land!”

That’s what 10 of the 12 spies reported to Moses and the people of Israel. Sure, the land flowed with milk and honey and there was an abundance of fresh produce, something that the people of Israel longed for, but that wasn’t what they chose to see. Instead, they saw only the giants.

God told them to move forward, to fight the giants, but they stood still in fear.

I can relate. Sadly, often just thinking about a giant in my life is enough to stop me. The thing about those giants is if we don’t face them and take them on, they win without even a battle, just like they did in Joshua and Caleb’s day.

Often giants zealously guard the most important things in life--things God has for us. If we want them, we have to fight the giants. If we don’t fight them, we’re turned back into the wilderness to wander. Disobedience is a nasty path to walk.

I don’t know about you, but wilderness life just doesn’t measure up to what lies beyond. It’s worth fighting those giants to move into what God has for me, ready and waiting.

Today I’m once again taking on giants because wilderness living stinks. I want the milk and honey.

So tell me, how are the giants in your life faring?


Next week's word is CONSTRUCTION. Hope you join us!


  1. This is fun, it looks like we chose the same meaning!

  2. Great reminder! Needed it. (Oh, and check the top of this post for the word of the week. :-))

  3. :) How interesting that all three of us came up with a similar analogy.


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