Mr. Cool

Fonzie is another monkey we get to work with. Like his namesake, Fonzie is far too cool to do many of the things Toby does, making him totally different than Toby. While Toby is my baby, Fonzie far prefers my husband, Jim. They're great buddies and work and hang out together.

Monkey Monday at Patterings
Today is Jim's birthday, too!!

Happy Birthday, hon. =)

It's interesting to see the different personalities of the monkeys. Like us, they're very distinctive and unique.

Toby is playful and often silly while Fonzie is Mr. Cool. Toby will mind me but Fonzie just looks at me as if to say, "You want me to do what? For you? Dream on, crazy lady."

Needless to say, I leave Fonzie to Jim. They make a great team.


  1. Happy Birthday, Jim - and hey there, cool dude ;). LOVE monkey mondays!

    1. Glad you're liking them, Joanne. Toby wasn't thrilled about giving a day to Fonzie, but oh well. ;-) I reminded him it's MONKEY Monday, not just Toby Monday. LOL.

  2. Happy birthday, to your husband, Jim, and hi to your cool little guys, Fonzie!


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